Kill glance

October 20, 2011 17:56

Kill glance

Recent research scientists have shown that the human eye has a powerful influence bioenergy.
My friend, a retired police colonel, Vladimir V., long work in the police, told me an interesting story, tells me researcher of anomalous phenomena, the author of numerous books about the wonders of Igor Vinokurov. — In one of the Moscow Research Institute died leading department chief, distinguished feisty character and lack of respect for colleagues. Once again, he made a sudden and hurtful remark slave. He said nothing, but looked at the offender so that he suddenly dropped his head on the table and groaned.

Doctors came "first" was pronounced dead, but could not understand the reason: the chief was completely healthy. The pathologist who made the autopsy, privately told my friend that he had the impression that the heart of the deceased as if someone took it and stopped, like a pendulum at the clock. The investigator immediately suspected that this "someone" and was resentful chief subordinate opinion that produce such an unpleasant experience that even the well-worn operatives were crawling on the back spine.

The victims of the great singer

The force of the murderous look was well known. One of the most notorious cases occurred in the last century in Paris. While on the stage of the Imperial Italian opera singer, a great success Massol, distinguished by a sullen character and a hard look from under bushy eyebrows. Once, when he sang the aria "Curse" from the opera with Halevy erected the ceiling eyes, right down to the scene and the driver died on the spot, move around the top decorations. At other times during the execution of the singer casually glance lingered on Kapellmeister. He almost immediately fell ill and died on the third day of unusual nervous attack. For the third time Massol advised to sing, looking at the empty bed. But it later emerged that the box took a visiting merchant from Marseilles, a latecomer to the show. He died the next day. After this opera forever excluded from the repertoire, and Massol left the stage.
Indian yogis and magicians of Tibet as a result of prolonged training acquire the gift, called "vazitva", that is, the ability to tame and even kill wild animals. A skilled trainers claim that the animal can be stopped only one eye, without resorting to verbal commands.

From the archives of the "KP"

The ability of the famous psychic Rose Kuleshova see with my eyes closed objects at a distance of three meters and read letters in sealed envelopes confirms that view may be penetrating, remote and even pass through opaque objects.

Historians have noted that the view of Leo Tolstoy's "shine" through the interlocutor, as x-rays, and the sight of Joseph Stalin's forced to lower his eyes and paralyzed will. There are people who force their view can impact even on a photographic film. One of the most famous — American Ted Sirius. In the presence of a special commission, he stared at the picture, memorize it, and looks at the photographic plate. When the film showed, it showed a vague and blurred, similar to the original. Later, experts have observed similar effects in people with severe visual hallucinations.

Secrets Witches

To solve the mystery of the evil eye, Igor Vinokurov decided to find a witch and find out her "trade secrets." In a remote village near Vladimir, he found his grandmother Tamara, of which there were rumors that bedevil it. Contrary to the terrible witch Baba Tamara was like a good fairy
from children's fairy tales: round face, snub nose, kind blue eyes. — To put things in damage easily, — she said. — It is necessary to clearly in great detail to provide an "object" sick or dead, and then at the meeting to stare at him, sending him mentally curse. Using the recommendations of the sorceress, the researchers decided to repeat the experiment in the laboratory. In the role of a "witch" by Dr. Physical Sciences, bioenergotherapist Oleg Dubov. He worked with a thought to the distilled water in a sealed tube. Physical measurements hit: increased mobility of water molecules and increased its conductivity.
On the technology of its "magic" the scientist said this: — "First, I tried to" shake "the atoms of oxygen. I introduced them to the core in the form of fireflies, which revolve around the sequins electrons. Imagining that I have from the top of the spine, and then the fingertips flowing silver
thread, I sent it to these nuclei, fireflies. And they themselves, overflowing with energy, the electrons begin to push and throw them to the orbit. "

"Spoiled" people

In the old days, when the power of view very seriously, was not even compiled a list of diseases caused by the evil eye. Adults hit thinness, tumors, paralysis, seizures, blindness, gluttony or impotence. And children — insomnia, nausea, headaches, seizures, consumption.
People who put a spell on, even before the first signs of discomfort begin to have an unconscious fear. Later they issue a yellow or gray face, then they begin to experience pain in the stomach, they are constantly vomiting. In children, the first symptoms of the evil eye were considered sudden paleness, irregular heart rate, fever, sweating and loss of appetite.

Eyes emit rays

Really look really can destroy health and even kill?
— Of course — confirmed director of the Institute of Information-Wave technology Vladimir Hokkanen. — Numerous experiments in many research laboratories around the world proved that the view has a powerful influence bioenergy. Eyes emit radiation in the millimeter range
waves of extremely high frequency and thus can influence others. For example, many of us are able to physically feel the gaze of passers overtaking. Experiments have shown that when these "hypnosis sessions" we changed electrodermal resistance. Consistent with this, Doctor of Biological Sciences, corresponding member of the Academy of Natural Sciences Grant Demirchoglyan:
— Ophthalmologists study showed that the eye as any unique optoelectronic
system that can operate not only on the reception, but also for its light. After all, the very form of the eyeball and the retina, which resembles a parabolic mirror confirms the possibility of the return of the radiation from the eyes of so-called "ray vision." Reverse the radiation coming from the eyes, — short-and therefore can be penetrating, as x-rays or laser. It can affect the central nervous system, the brain and the whole body. It is known that in the iris of the eye, there are points that are responsible for the operation of all internal organs. It is used in iridology. If it is proved that the rays coming from the eyes, are of the same nature as the laser, you have to believe in the existence of the heroes of science fiction stories that could incinerate a human eye.


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