Kite intelligence — Russian BRM-1K

The main purpose of the BRM-1K — conducting intelligence operations in peace and war, at any time of the day as without the help of others, and as part of the intelligence departments. Combat Vehicle succeeding floating light tank PT-76. Machine developed based on the BMP-1. First 70 years of the development of the commander's car takes design office in Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant. First model wore the title of the latest machine "to 773". Already in 1972, the BRM-1K taken into service in the ranks of the Russian army. Mass creation of BRM-1K engaged Kurgan Machine Building Plant and Machinery Plant Rubtsovsky. Total production of more than 1,500 units of BRM-1K.

BRM-1K can solve such tasks as:
— determination of the direction angle along the axis of the machine;
— the continued working of navigation data;
— the coordinates of the objects and purposes;
— determination of the angles between the axis of the machine and the direction of detected targets;
— measuring the distance to detected targets;
— tracking of moving objects;
— conducting chemical and radiation reconnaissance;
— Radio software and data;
— conducting surveillance in the area at any time of the day;

For conducting intelligence operations are located in the following stacking devices:
— ERRS RTS-1 "Ellipse" to detect enemy radar stations operating;
— Minesweeper IMP-1 mine detection of metal;
— VPHR device for conducting himrazvedki;
— 1PN33B binoculars to watch the black-time;
— radio R-148 to provide radio communication;
— Lighting 50mm ammunition for the purposes of illumination at night;
-Phone TA-57 for remote control short-wave radio.

Team BRM-1K:
— vehicle commander / senior operator;
— gunner guns;
— radiotelegraph;
— driver-mechanic;
— two people landing (one of them the commander of the platoon / company).

Arrangement and design of razvedmashiny
Structurally, the BRM-1K repeats the BMP-1:
— MTO taken in the fore part of the machine;
— crew compartment holds occupies the central and rear of the machine;
— compartment in the rear of the vehicle landing.

Housing BRM-1M welded type. The tower and part of the body is made of iron rolled armor plates. Bronelisty to increase protection are calculated angles. In the front upper broneliste a hatch. By the frontal armor plates on hinges attached Spray shield. Bottom for increased rigidity has hollow beams of the cross and vyshtampovki. In the hollow torsion shaft bearings are located. The upper part of the body has removable plates in the installation logistics. The roof of the body are the longitudinal-transverse beams and 4 rack-type spreader. General protection of the machine provides a small silhouette, the colors of khaki machine, TDA reusable actions and properties of the mobility of the machine.

2-berth low profile tower with a radial rotation placed closer to the rear of the vehicle. Armament of the tower remained constant from the BMP-1 and the ammunition halved. The gun has a manual loading, the gunner's seat on the left of the gun, a senior commander of the operator's right. The fighting compartment is provided with 2 overhead hatches and 2 loopholes on the sides of office. MTO consists of a motor, clutch head, 5-speed manual, turning devices and modular equipment. The engine of the diesel type UTD-20 liquid-cooling and feature power of 300 hp Motor weight 665 pounds. Fuel tanks can hold 462 liters of fuel. Box consists of a mechanical-type multi-disc clutch head, boxes, devices and gears turning. 5 forward gears and one reverse ensures box, 1st gear and get back control drives of mechanical type, the other — gidroservoprivody. Gearboxes are made of the board as planetary transmission row. Suspension secured on each side of the six rubber-coated rollers support the type of aluminum alloys and 3 supporting rubber-coated rollers. Suspension — torsion, personalized with telescopic shock absorbers and spring-type nodes in the last board suspension. The penultimate suspension on each side and each side got a rubber roller guides. The front wheels of the car — leading. 2-track ridge with a width of 30 cm truck and truck in step 13.5 cm lantern meshing of the rubber joints. The driver-mechanic operates the machine by means of a T-shaped steering wheel, gear shift lever, the lever and the transmission delay of 3 pedals adjust supply of diesel fuel, adjust the brain clutch and brakes. For observation of the terrain, the driver is provided with a mechanical 3-monitoring devices TNPO-170 black-time surveillance is conducted through the electro-optical device TVNO-2 with light from the headlamp FG-125 at a distance of 50 meters. When bad weather conditions, the orientation is over giropolukompas HPA-59. From weapons of mass destruction and use HLF special version of body parts with sealing. In terms of fire fighting vehicle fire suppression system is provided — four temperature sensors installed in the MTO, 2 2-liter bottles with spetssostavom in the fighting compartment, special equipment and pipelines. In the department of landing on the left hand side there is a fire extinguisher type OU-2.

Armament BRM-1K — 73 mm 2A28 automatic gun type under the title "Thunder". Has the unification of ammunition with a grenade launcher SPG-9. Ammunition gun 20 active-reactive anti-tank weapons. Rate of up to 10 rds / min., Distance 1.3 kilometers acts. 7.62 caliber machine gun coupled with the gun, tape has the power and rate of fire of 25 rds / min. Ammunition — two thousand rounds of ammunition. Pointing to the electro-mechanical manual override. Guidance is provided for the gunner sighting device 1PN22M1.

In the later editions of the machines were added downstream equipment:
— radar telemetry intelligence 1RL133-1, was mounted on a rack in the back of the case;
— DKRM laser rangefinder type 1;
— navigation apparatus for TNA -1 / 3, 1T25;
— gyrocompass 1G11N;
— System 902V smoke screens "Cloud";

Known versions: BRM-1km — modernization BRM-1K. Installed new weapons and equipment. Design Bureau developed RMZ. Work began in 2003. Expected end of development — in 2006, the estimated time of mass production in 2008. But for monetary reasons, the creation is not started. In 2010, the Belarusian designers had to complete the development of BRM-1km. In the batch creation machine so far has not gone. Export BRM-1K delivered in the GDR and in some countries, members of the Warsaw contract. Poland produced razvedmashinu BRM-1K entitled BRM-1S.

The main features:
— weight of 13,200 pounds;
— height 192 cm;
— length of 670 cm;
— width of 294 cm;
— Clearance 37 cm;
— speed afloat forward 7km / h, reversing 2km / h;
— speed of 65 km / h;
— cruising range of up to 600 km;
— obstacles ditch / height / growth — 2.5/0.7/35 deg.

Sources disk imaging

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