Komi paralyzed diving cyclone

In Komi powerful cyclone came from the Atlantic. Republic was covered with snow. In Vorkuta This year's first snow storm caused severe drifts on the roads. We got up in traffic and drivers Syktyvkar. Many have not yet changed to winter tires and tire fitting stations now built a huge queue.
Typically, the second half of the fall of these latitudes — long winter. But this first snowfall for Vorkutintsev belated — slippery, hard-packed, heavy wet snow is literally pressed into the broken roads, turning them into a large highway with no markings.
For local speeders is a sure sign — it's time to slow down to a minimum, and for public services is the time to accelerate. Still unused to snowfall wipers raked juicy slush slowly. The city offers sun. Forecasters conjure cards, draw the graphs and expressed.
"Blizzard, we connected with the so-called diving cyclone. This cyclones that are born in the Atlantic and then dive from Spitsbergen to Vorkuta," — says a leading forecaster zonal hydrometeorological observatory "Vorkuta" Valentine Boboshko.
Cyclones do not dive, they jump over many kilometers of space: in Syktyvkar on the summer tires do not have to drive a hundred meters, the snow compacted to a state hockey rink. Syktyvkar workers dezov, probuksovyvaya rubber boots, trying to clear the area in front of the main administrative building, but it is not very good.
Only a tire with that day had not the loser — work 24 hours a day, all in a hurry pereobutsya.
All this, and maybe twice awaits Tyumen. The first signs of winter and the residual fall — all mixed up in Tyumen, and Baby snow, as if not yet real, and very similar to plastic — a sure sign of the onset of cold weather.

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