Kosachev: Intervention in Libya could cause conflict between the West and the Arab world

Possible military intervention in Libya may trigger severe conflict between the West and the Arab world. Such an outlook, as reported by RIA "Novosti", stated the chairman of the Duma committee on international affairs Konstantin Kosachov.

"If this situation continues to develop on the rise and on the no-fly zone countries' antiliviyskoy coalition" evenly, step by step, will cross over to the direct operations of intervention in Libya, I think that will continue to mature next conflict between the West and the so-referred to as the so-referred to as Arab world that goes far beyond the boundaries of what is happening in Libya, "- said Kosachov.

He believes that this is a very nasty scenario that must be avoided.

In the development of the situation in Libya will play a huge role position adjacent to the countries of Libya, said the head of the committee.

Kosachov recalled that the UN Security Council's decision came in response to the appeal of the Arab League. "The appeal of the League of Arab States on military intervention, it was not. Adjoining is a country with Libya military intervention, especially from the West, are not exactly welcome, "- he said.

MP confident that our home was right to abstain on the resolution. If our homeland enjoyed the right of veto, it would spread it responsible for mass casualties in the middle of a civilian population of Libya, if our homeland voted for the resolution, it would impose on her the responsibility for the possible abuse of the implementation of the resolution, he said.

"And then, and more acceptable to the Russian Federation. This is not the choice of the country undecided, this understanding Russia of its responsibility for what happens, "- said Kosachov.

March 17 UN Security Council adopted a resolution calling for the closure of air space over Libya to stop aviaobstrelov rebel forces and the death of civilians. Resolution imposes a ban on flights of Libyan aircraft, and anticipates the likely military actions except for the introduction of ground forces. Many European countries have already expressed their willingness to provide military forces to implement the resolution.

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