Kosachev: The emergence of the U.S. cruiser in the Black Sea — the call of the Russian-American talks

Chairman of the State Duma committee on international affairs Konstantin Kosachev believes that the actions of the U.S. military cause a lot of problems in Russia. As he said in an interview, "Russian news service", it is not simply a military cruiser, "but about the ship, which equip the missile system "Aegis", which causes a lot of issues with Russia. "

"His emergence in general for us with Ukraine Sea — is an obvious challenge to the negotiations that are going, and to the logic of Russian-American relations, which is defined by the word "reset", — he said.

According to the views Kosachev emergence cruiser looks "excessive, redundant, unnecessary and provocative than either emotion and undermining the climate of trust between Russia and the United States."

Besides, he added, in connection with the setting of "Monterey" in the Dark Sea Our homeland will wait for clarification and of the Ukrainian side.

As we have previously reported that in the Dark Sea entered the South American missile cruiser "Monterey." The ship entered the waters of Ukraine in connection with the teachings of the "Sea Breeze 2011". In the Russian Foreign Ministry highlighted that "we will not leave without attention emergence in particular proximity to our borders parts of the U.S. strategic infrastructure and will take such steps as a threat to our security. "

As reported "Rosbalt" in "Sea Breeze — 2011" by representatives of 17 countries in the world — Algeria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Britain, Denmark, Georgia, Japan, Kenya, Macedonia, Moldova, the Netherlands, Germany, Turkey, USA, Ukraine, France and Sweden — will practice acts multinational headquarters and forces during the planning and conduct of international peacekeeping operation.

The training consists of four steps: I step — Deployment Force (3-6 June). II step — Basic training, teamwork training of peacekeeping forces (June 7-12), during which crews conduct training on communication, teaching on survival, strength training component of the coastal areas of training on peacekeeping topic, parachuting from helicopters and airplanes, submarines divers descents, flights aviation. III step — Conducting a multinational peacekeeping contingent (13-17 June).

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