Laid off from their jobs journalist's mother Nasha Niva

Irina, the mother of the journalist, "Nasha Niva" Dmitry Pankavtsa, along with her sister journalist was arrested on December 19 during a rally in the square and left for a 10-day arrest.

Irina lives in Borisov and worked as the chief cook at school.

"I got the SMS, when it started a crackdown on Independence Square"We were received." We phoned, but it was clear that they had not let go. Reported that when the crackdown began, they were afraid to run because could smash his head on the curb — it was slippery. Processes took place in the Moscow court. Sister admitted guilt, she said that she was not feeling well. And my mother recognized that participated in an unsanctioned rally (it was said that there may be a mitigating factor). But in the end got the same time — for ten days, "said Dmitry Pankovets Site

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