Lake Checo and Italians


From the time of the Tunguska catastrophe thousands of enthusiasts scoured the neighborhood all its epicenter, but did not find any pieces of the cosmic body. As a result, many hypotheses were born, right up to the exotic idea of a science fiction writer Alexander Kazantsev about the explosion in the air alien craft.

A group of Italian researchers scanned the lake near the Tunguska River. At the deepest point of the lake, a few meters below, they "saw" something strongly reflects radar waves. Scientists speculate that this may be a stone diameter of about one meter.

Scientists now believe the most plausible version of the explosion in the atmosphere at an altitude of 5-10 kilometers of fragile comet dust and ice. In principle, this could be an asteroid and a stone, but then you have to look for pieces of the alien. And they are still unable to detect. And so decided to try his luck Italian scientists E. Bonatti, L. Gasperini, D. Longo. Their interest is warmed a little-known Russian scientists Article V. Koshelev and K.Florenskogo the opening eight kilometers from the alleged epicenter of the lake Checo. It could be a crater formed from the impact of an asteroid fragment of the Earth.

Italians are using the most modern equipment plowed up and down the lake, stopping by the depths of which, incidentally, is more than 50 meters. First of all, they were astonished that the lake has the shape of a funnel or inverted cone. How to explain this? After all, if the lake has an age thousands of years, the bottom should be flat, as almost all normal lakes in Siberia. The fact that the bottom is lined with age sediments. A funnel-like shape Checo known impact craters of this size.

But if the lake was formed in 1908, the earlier it was not. On military maps in 1883 it was not.

Echolocation has shown that in deep water, a few meters below the deepest point of the lake, there is a strong reflector. Scientists speculate that this may be a fragment of the Tunguska body, which is so long been looking for hundreds of enthusiasts. According to the Italians, they are determined to finally reveal the mystery.

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