Large asteroid nearly touched the earth


An asteroid similar in size to the Tunguska meteorite that caused the beginning of the XX century a powerful explosion in the atmosphere, on the eve passed close to Earth. This was reported by astronomers, transfers League.

Experts pointed out that the space body 2009 DD45, a width of 27 to 40 meters, flew past Earth at 13:44 GMT. It was "only" 72 thousand miles away from our planet. This is the fifth of the distance to the moon and almost twice as far as the location of the orbits of motion of various satellites.

According to astronomers, the asteroid was first noticed on the last Saturday in Australia. He could be seen with the naked eye in the sky above the South Pacific. If this asteroid collided with the Earth, then, as scientists say, it would have caused an explosion, a power equal to thousands of atomic bombs.

Closest to the Earth was a small asteroid 2004 FU162, a diameter of about six meters. He walked a distance of about 6500 km from the Earth in March 2004. Tunguska meteorite exploded in the atmosphere over Siberia, June 30, 1908. The blast felled 80 million trees over an area of 2000 square kilometers.

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