Lasts development of modern weapons for Navy — now accordion

In the military air defense units of the Airborne Troops began trial operation of new compact radar detectors aerial targets "Accordion", reports Management Press and disk imaging Airborne.

First 6 sets of portable radar systems came into office management MANPADS anti-aircraft missile batteries military units of air assault and airborne units Airborne stationed in years. Novorossiysk, Ivanovo, Tula.

In order to conduct a successful military testing new anti-aircraft missile complexes officers of military air defense units from each connection Airborne been adequately trained in the MIC enterprise in Nizhny Novgorod, is a developer and manufacturer of the product.

Compact radar detectors (MRLO) aerial targets "harmony" are designed to detect and more than 3 classes goals against jamming, coordinate measurement and definition of state ownership of air objects.

The complex than the antenna device also includes a set of information processing equipment, air situation display and data transmission, a global navigation satellite system GLONASS.

New radar systems can be mounted on combat vehicles desantiruemye battery commander Fri controls built for air defense missile air defense units of the Airborne Troops, and can be used for its intended purpose as a separate air defense positions.

MRLO data are also used to equip Fri management (modules) sets of automation tactical air defense system "Barnaul-T", which is one hundred percent integrated into the automated command and control system (ACS) "Andromeda-D", which allows you to display radar and operational tactical information on the screens of automatic jobs in real-time.

The use of automated control systems significantly reduces the time for decision-making by commanders at various levels in the performance of tasks for combat purposes.

The military operation MRLO "harmony" in the anti-aircraft missile defense military units of the Airborne Troops will last until the end of the year.

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