Legalizing drugs will only lead to increased drug use — Russian expert

The idea of legalizing drugs to fight drug, expressed in the report of the so-called Global Commission on policy in the fight against drugs is untenable and will only lead to increased drug use. This opinion was expressed by the ITAR-TASS news agency expert in the fight against drug trafficking, the Chairman of the Institute of Demography, Migration and Regional Development Yuri Krupnov, commenting on the report of the public organization with its headquarters in Rio de Janeiro.

According to the authors of the document, the legalization of drugs in the world and stop prosecuting drug is more effective measure in the fight against drugs.

"Legalizing drugs would not help in fighting drug abuse. This proves the historical experience. Situation where drugs were not banned, but were free goods were stories repeatedly, and this, on the contrary, led to the fact that the international community and individual states came to the prohibition. This is a natural response to the fact that drugs are freely circulating burn people "- are considered large.

He cited China's experience of the late XIX century. The British brought the Indian opium to China, and there there were several million opium smokers. They took them back to tea and silver, which had less. The very middle of the opium wars of the XIX century were just linked to the Chinese government's attempts to stop the looting and anesthesia population.

"Another example is the failure of Sweden, which has gone in the last century for total liberalization of the drug, and in the end, after ten years of drug situation in the country has taken an epidemic. In response to this, a model was worked out to date anti-drug Swedish model, which is based, including the criminalization of drug use, "- said the expert.

Reverse example — The Netherlands, where legalized soft drugs. "The notion that there were more drugs — false and inadequate" — Krupnov said, explaining that the state thus becomes "narkoofshor" where financial issues are resolved by drug tourism.

"Thus, both historical and contemporary examples illustrate the failure of such proposals", — concluded the expert.

That is what can lead to the legalization of our country. This will contribute to the destruction of the moral principles and personal degradation, while the need to raise the spiritual culture of the people from school. Need to perform design school style cabinet of high culture and spiritual development. In the classes must be present portraits of Russian writers of the 19th century, mathematicians, writers, and scientists. In their absence, the portraits of scientists is always possible to order. The only way to avoid spiritual degradation.

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