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About Bermuda Triangle gossip world for 65 years. Russian scientist Boris Ostrovsky says that he was able to solve the mystery of black spot

Russian researcher of the phenomenon of the Bermuda Triangle MD Boris Ostrovsky asserts that dig up clues secret black spot. According to his version of the Bermuda Triangle is located on the axis of the cyclopean geological fault that crosses the bottom of the Atlantic from north to south. Thanks to this area of Bermuda originated a unique mixture of natural causes leading to the death of all that is created by man and manage it.

Torpedo bomber of the "Avenger" with the hull number 28 December 5, 1945 was the leading executives in the ill-fated 19, whose disappearance led to the myth of the Bermuda Triangle

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The story of one of the greatest mysteries of the XX century — Bermuda Triangle — a chronicle of events began in 1945. December 5 airbase Navy USA Fort Lauderdale, located on the southern coast of Florida, flew the 19th member of five bombers "Avenger." However, to base the estimated time they never returned. Entries by radio transmissions between the commander and command post dispatcher it appeared that the aircraft literally get lost in the skies over the Atlantic. All bombers suddenly denied navigation devices. The last words on the base of donesshiesya crews were that pilots "completely disoriented" and "part of the white water." The incident could be attributed to technical failures or weather, if after the "Avenger" as suddenly all but disappeared and seaplane type "Martin Mariner" with 13 commandos on board, sent in search of the bombers.

Since then, the victims of the Bermuda Triangle was believed to have about 50 large ships and aircraft. Closes tragic list freighter "Sylvia L. Ossa," which in 1976 did not reach his destination in Philadelphia. The researchers found the secret message of the earlier incidents in the North Atlantic. Among the most famous — the incident with the ship "Rosalie" and "Mary Celeste". They were in different years of the XIX century were found completely intact, but without a single member of the crew on board.

The number of versions explaining what was going on in the diabolic triangle passes for ten. To investigate at different times connected as serious scholars, and just adventurers. There were hypotheses about abnormal weather phenomena, underwater currents, and even the antics of aliens. Someone allegedly found at the bottom of the Sargasso Sea, which occupies a large part of the triangle, an unusual pyramid clearly manmade origin. However, each of the versions only disclose the nature of individual cases and do not fully explain the phenomenon.

Of course, one would assume that the disaster in the area are completely different, independent of each other causes. But then they have to fit into the statistical regularity and evenly distributed to all air and sea routes in the world. Why is this mysterious region of the incident is believed to occur most often?

The latest victim of this place was in 1976, the Panamanian cargo ship "Sylvia L. Ossa"

Sound intensity

Russian researcher Boris Ostrovsky, decades studying the mystery of the triangle, with an interest in cases of "The Flying Dutchman", cut through sea space without a crew and vessels in which all the sailors were found dead, but no signs of violence. You could say it was a professional interest. Boris Ostrovsky — a psychiatrist, and a clue to his own development prompted, made in Soviet times. He studied the phenomenon biopredvestnikov — fact foreboding animals earthquakes. Ostrovsky wondered why certain fauna start to panic long before the first tremors. It turned out that the cause is infrasound — variations are not different to the human ear, but well perceived by animals. "The human ear perceives frequencies from 16 to 20,000 Hertz. Anything above — is ultrasound. Below — infrasound "- explains the researcher.

Studies have shown that despite the fact that a person can not hear infrasound, take it he still can. Moreover, intense infrasound is very harmful to the body. "If, for example, generates waves with a frequency of 8.7 hertz, they coincide with the alpha rhythm of the human brain — says Boris Ostrovsky. — Alpha rhythm in turn is correlated with mood, state of mind, a dream. The disruptions lead to a drastic suppression of the psyche. Infrasound, acting on alpha-rhythm, causing panic and a feeling of unbearable horror. This fact was proved in experiments with volunteers. " But what's the Bermuda Triangle?

According to data collected by Boris Ostrovsky, in the Atlantic each year is up to 50,000 underwater earthquakes of varying strength, and the epicenter of their almost always concentrated along geological fault that crosses the Bermuda Triangle. This fact was known before, the earthquake also tried to connect with incidents in the North Atlantic. However, all the hypotheses were based on the argument that it is the shaking death affects people and causes them to jump from the deck or even killed on the spot. Someone crept closer to a solution, suggesting that people caught in a triangle are certain psychotronic influence of unknown nature. But research by bioprognozirovaniyu earthquakes and animal observation prompted Ostrovsky that tectonic processes can naturally cause fluctuations generating infrasound. Mechanism of the phenomenon is quite simple: the earthquake is known to occur as a result of accumulation of elastic energy in the earth's crust, shall communicate to the last break. These forces and generate infrasonic oscillations: the greater the tension in the geological formations, the more intense infrasound. "If you take the line and it will slowly bend, then at some point it will start to vibrate and only then will crack. That generates the infrasound vibrations are not perceived by the human ear, "- explains the researcher. The same occurs in the earth's crust. The frequency of infrasound in the waters of the Bermuda Triangle is just, according to Ostrovsky, the notorious 7.8 Hz, which is apparently due to the thickness of the crust in the area. But a fateful role in the processes occurring in the North Atlantic, has not only increased seismic activity.

For 65 years, a dozen versions explaining the mysterious incidents in the Bermuda Triangle. Guilt written off by weather phenomena.

At the dawn of the underwater earthquake, when the "shaking" covers hundreds of square miles of ocean surface, the transverse sound waves are transmitted through the water column. Most of them comes to the ionosphere. If the area gets the ship, he will take part infrasonic waves over. Prolonged exposure to infrasonic vibrations of the ship makes the cavity, which is several times increases the intensity of the sound waves and transmits them to similar dynamics. "People who are on the ship, just go crazy with this action and looking for any way to get rid of the unbearable and inexplicable influence," — says the researcher. No wonder that the crew of "The Flying Dutchman" completely disappeared — people just jumped overboard to escape the maddening infrasound.

The same effect of infrasound can be explained, and the sudden death of some of the crews of ships passing through the Bermuda Triangle. "When the vibrations reach a number of reasons the frequency of 12.8 Hz, they started to work on the internal organs of the people", — says Boris Ostrovsky. Infrasound cause dangerous resonance stomach, heart, lungs and blood vessels. Amplified vibrations leads to the rupture of these organs and sudden death. In such cases, the researchers faced when I listened to the stories of witnesses of unexplained deaths in the Gobi-Altai earthquake that struck Dec. 4, 1957 in southern Mongolia. Some shepherds fell dead before the first shock for no apparent reason. "Then I only knew about the nature of the deaths, but now almost sure — all the fault deadly infrasound," — says the researcher.

Deleterious effects of infrasound in the Bermuda Triangle is not limited to humans. Coming out of the water to the atmosphere, variations repeatedly reflected from the ionosphere, and caught up by the wind flow, form a considerable extent on the compression and expansion. At the boundaries of different air densities of the radio beam, by the Boris Ostrovsky, can refract. Is something similar to what was observed in the classroom students of physics: a spoon, dropped into a glass of water, do not think straight. She seemed bent. Perhaps this explains the interruptions in the negotiations between the pilots of the 19th level and the command post, and the refusal finder. In turn, disorientation pilots could add infrasound, temporarily compromised consciousness experienced pilots. Otherwise how to explain their inadequate responses to
manager requests and the fact that they could not navigate by the sun?

Giant animals … …

Beware, gases!

However, when cases with falling aircraft else can you explain the impact of infrasound hypothesis, then what about the ships that actually disappeared without a trace in the Bermuda Triangle? Boris Ostrovsky assigns blame to all the same gigantic geological fault and tectonic processes. In his version, at the bottom of the Sargasso Sea, from all regions of the oceans of the richest flora, over millions of years has accumulated a huge amount of algae. They otmiraya and decomposing, form gases — methane and hydrogen sulfide. A good deal of gas is added and numerous submarine volcanoes in the joints of the tectonic plates.

In the normal state, these gases, according to researchers, are dissolved in the bottom layers of water. But when the same two factors — deepening the cyclone and the earthquake — what happens is that we are seeing with shaking open bottle of champagne. Gases rush to the surface, forming a layer of bubbling liquid. "It drown even fragments of light tube, specific density which is several times smaller than champagne" — explains the researcher. The thing is that the surface layer of the sea for a while it becomes less dense than any ship with a huge displacement. As a result of the ship, like a cork, a lost suddenly and without a trace.

According to Boris Ostrovsky, tectonic processes, a further range of factors that determine the demonic role in the history of the Bermuda Triangle of world catastrophes. Among them and knocking a compass needle strongest magnetic perturbations generated by coming out of the Earth's interior magmatic rocks, and phosphine gas, causing bright flashes of the water. But so far it is not clear how to explain the fact that after 1976 the triangle demanded more no major casualties.

Maybe those are right who say that the Bermuda Triangle is no mystery at all there, and all the facts are far-fetched? But you can find another explanation. For example, that the tectonic processes in place at the time stood still. Or that in the 70 years of the last century, Americans have begun to introduce a system of GPS, and navigation of ships and aircraft no longer depend on compasses. Addition, the very aircraft and vessels have undergone a major technical upgrade, got the latest insulating materials between the body and the skin and do not increase the infrasound, but their design does not allow to just take to drown in "white water."

Of course, if the devil's triangle will present another surprise, all these explanations will go down the drain. But the new theory Ostrovsky or receive confirmation, or is found to be insolvent. Like all the previous ones.

People … and even the mythical Atlantis — in the early 1990's at the bottom of the Sargasso Sea using sonar equipment found something that looked like a giant pyramid


Mark Drinkvoter, head of the Department of Earth Observation Science, application and innovation of the European Space Agency:

— We continuously monitor the Earth from satellites monitor atmospheric phenomena and global changes in climate. Including watches over the oceans, which is 71 percent of the planet. I do not recall that in the so-called Bermuda Triangle, something unusual happened. If we see that, I think it would be a worldwide sensation. We do not monitor this area a peculiar way, it is for us as much interest as, for example, and the Indian Ocean. From a scientific point of view, I see no reason to single out the data received from the Bermuda Triangle, on the background of the entire body of information on the planet.

Nicholas Nepomniachtchi, unknown researcher, editor in chief of the magazine "Traveling the world":

— The Bermuda Triangle is one of the classic anomalies in the world. I think if I were rating the anomalous zones, it would be standing on the first lines in the top 10. Now it has become a brand, but I consider among others, which are located at a latitude of Bermuda anomaly. They encircle the entire Earth at this latitude. True, this is not a triangle, but rather diamonds. The Bermuda Triangle is best known for a long time, long before the disappearance of the "Avenger." Even during the time of Columbus sailors watched it strange glow and other unexplained things. Of course, there are a lot of assumptions that explain what is happening. I bow to the version of the accumulation of methane on the ocean floor. But this is only a hypothesis. It is difficult to say which one of them will be the theory and confirmed. A famous American science fiction and futurist Arthur C. Clarke in early 2004 predicted in a conversation with me that the man will open the mystery of the triangle in 2040. Incidentally, in the same interview he to the month predicted the tsunami that occurred in December 2004.

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