Lenin Street in Vitebsk after Hurricane failed land

As reported news.tut.by, July 9 large gap formed on Lenin Street in Vitebsk after the storm, which erupted before the concert Valery Leontiev at "Slavonic Bazaar in Vitebsk".

The rain started at 17.30. After a while the wind bring water to the top of the extreme sector. But when they reached hurricane force, the whole Summer amphitheater into a huge power shower.

Water swerved into the space between the roof and the roof of the stage of the hall, turned in a vortex and pour all that is possible. A little later in the amphitheater penetrated even hail that lashed sitting on the front row. Because of the rain Valery Leontiev concert began with a 35-minute delay. After all the water had to remove even the stage.

Rain water flows have caused the failure of the land on the roadway and the sidewalk Lenin Street, next to the famous "blue house" and the pyramid "Marco." Here, just opposite the place where they began to lay new underground passage near the sewer manhole formed hole diameter and a depth of about five feet.

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