Libya signed the verdict has long been

Libya signed the verdict has long beenThe decision on the winding up of the Gaddafi regime has long been accepted. From the beginning of its own management Gaddafi behaved "wrong" from the standpoint of "the powers that be."

Which began in September 1969, the revolution in Libya, headed by the Revolutionary Command Council of 12 officers led by 27-year-old captain, Muammar signalman Gaddafi, ended in complete victory of the revolutionaries. Monarchical regime fell, the Western countries have supported this "progressive phenomenon."

Naturally, the West did not do it because of the concern about the happiness of the people, the leaders of the Anglo-Saxon project believed that the young officers have neither the experience nor the support of the general public, no long-term programs from development, no credibility in the Arab world. Because the revolutionaries will have to accept help from the West, and the "free lunch", as you know, does not happen.

But the brand new power almost immediately revealed that tolerate the situation will not be available and inflicted several sensitive "hits" on the western influence:

— October 7, 1969 invariable representative of Tripoli on the 24th session of the UN General Assembly made a statement about wanting to end Libya's existence on their land all the Western military bases. London and Washington were informed of the termination of the respective agreements.

— Second blow, which almost signed for Gaddafi himself sentence (in the West forgets nothing and can expect) — is coming to the consistent position of foreign capital in Libya. In 1970, all banks were nationalized in 1973 in Libya, along with Algeria and Iraq, has established its own control over the "oil industry", eventually the entire branch of the oil was nationalized.

— The third blow to the power of the capitalists has been coming to the local capitalists. Using the experience of socialism, including Yugoslavian, Gaddafi in 1977, introduced the principle of "self-government in the economy." Enterprises have begun to cross under the control of the workers. Gaddafi criticized (in the 2nd part of the "Green Book") are the wage-slave labor. He almost started to introduce socialism in Libya.

Gaddafi introduced the principle of the role of workers in management — in the spheres of trade and services (the motto "" Partners, not employees "). Then he gave people the ownership of housing, including paid, the lease was banned.

But outright confiscation and housing companies, both in the Russian Federation is not it, the former owners received compensation, and to participate in management, as equal partners. Naturally, these actions Libyan favorite angered the local bourgeoisie and part of the Islamic clergy. Despite the dissatisfaction of the population, and several assassination attempts, Gaddafi managed to make a huge part of the hidden word.

He has made the system when the population was getting so much, that the physiological needs have been satisfied — cheap bread and other food, practically free public transport and fuel, free housing, free education and medicine.

— The fourth strike Gaddafi "evil world" was the course to put into life special model, not the capitalist-liberal, so-called. "Third world theory." Its base was laid out Gaddafi in the "Green book, written in the years 1976-1979. He referred to her Jamahiriya — a system of "direct popular democracy". Its main principles:

1. The specific power of the people through various public meetings where the decision involves all citizens of the country.

2. All the wealth of the country belongs to the people.

3. The principle of "armed people": the masses give the gun, so no one could dictate terms, even its own army.

And Gaddafi was able to actually make a socialist model with local patches, Libya became the richest country in Africa. Prior to the unrest GDP per capita of 13,800 dollars, it is unnecessary to two times the Egyptian and Algerian GDP and 1.5 times more than in Tunisia. In the state there were 10 institutes, 14 research centers, children's preschool system, schools and health good level.

Another measure of the correctness of the course Gaddafi Libyans life expectancy — 77 years old, the highest in Africa. RF only dream about such (we have 69 years).

West krivodushno accused Libya of human rights abuses, Gaddafi, on the contrary, performed the creation of a model where individuals are endowed with a mass of benefits. For example: the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, far to the level of "people power" in Libya.

— Yet another blow struck Gaddafi "international community" in September 2009 at the 64th session of the General Assembly of the United Nations when he criticized the 75 minutes and vinyl world's leading powers in the "racism and terrorism." He accused the Western powers in violation of the Charter of the UN military force on it can be used only by the United Nations with the consent of all member countries of the Organization — they spent 64 wars against small countries. London and Washington accused of causing the device Hitler and the Holocaust of the Jews "hands" of Hitler.

So Makar, We litsezreem destruction of the country and the favorite, who was horrified to challenge the Western project of parasitism. Gaddafi could live happily ever after, but he began to build a system that gave a decent life for ordinary people, absolutely ignoring the "liberal" model. His system could become the basis for pulling the whole of Africa and parts of the Arab world from the "swamp" of poverty and power shtetl parasitic "elite", with the assistance of the mafia world TNK-TNB.

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