Lost Souls: Saviors and murderers


In the world there are many legends about the wandering ghosts. We are talking about people who died in an accident and left unburied. Their souls often find no rest and come in contact with the living, saving them from such a tragic fate, or, on the contrary, delaying the abyss of danger …

Glowing silhouettes in the dark cave
Not far from the station Ugleuralskaya (Middle Urals) is a cave, known as the Dark. To a depth of 130 m away vertical wells. On the wall at the 30-meter ledge flaunts plate: "This step — your last line." With the ill-fated shoulder has slipped a lot of brave men who dared to explore the interior of the cave. All cases — death.

Once a group of cavers from Solikamsk encountered in the dark with some glowing figures. Scientists have fled in terror from the cave. Well, that all are alive! Others less fortunate. Last year, in one of the wells has fallen girl, and crawls died of heart failure known local caver …

Wicked lights Turgay
In the steppes of Kazakhstan Turgai drivers and geologists see sometimes on the road bright light that is illuminated uniformly, the stronger flares, then fades, then disappears. Local Kazakhs say that the souls of the dead, wandering from their homes, cemeteries (in these adobe houses on the Muslim tradition bury the dead, in the desert, they fall for each step).

Mysterious lights are not so harmless as it seems at first glance. The fact that travelers often take them for car headlights or motorcycle, riding track and off the road. A "lights", having got them far into the steppe, as if dissolved in air. None other than mass hypnosis, hell …

Climber and Virgo
There are different variations of the legend of the Black Mountaineer. He was seen as if in the Urals and the Caucasus, and in other places. They say it's a ghost climber who died in the mountains and is now trying to save those who, like him, was in trouble. Thus, in the mountains of Trans-Ili Alatau allegedly inhabits Black Man — the specter of the unknown stranger, once frozen in the mountains. He is seen usually either at night or during the day when it is cloudy. He looks like a tall stranger in a black cloak. Black Man has repeatedly led the way to travelers who have gone astray.

In Baksan Gorge "usual" famous Maid of Elbrus.
The legend says that once a young man lost in the mountains with local, volunteered to be a guide to a group of climbers. During a snowstorm, he went ahead and did not return. Then his beloved village of Urusbievo went in search of and died in unknown circumstances. Since then, her spirit is haunting the area.

Perhaps the ghosts, like real people, are endowed with reason and good and evil. Some are lured into a trap, others point the way to salvation. But we still do not understand their nature.

Margarita Trinity

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