Lost submarines. Crashes on the seas watch online

Lost submarines.  Crashes on the seas watch online
In the history of the world's submarine fleet a lot of gloomy pages that tell of accidents and blown to the bottom of the ocean lives of seafarers. In this movie the creators say about 4 large catastrophes of the submarine fleet.
The first of them took place in 1939. Then the tests ended disastrously American submarine "Skvalus ". A prerequisite for the disaster was the flooding of diesel motor that came out because of the lack of the valve. As a result, 26 people were killed outright, while 33 were trapped. But from their captivity were rescued, and so far the operation to rescue the submariners is the most famous. In the movie you see the original footage of the unique rescue and hear the memoirs of the 1st of the rescued sailors.
2nd disaster occurred in 1961. Then there was tragedy Russian nuclear reactor Underwater boat "K-19: ". To rescue the sailors had to seep into the reactor zone and perform the installation makeshift cooling system. Then the eight volunteers are called to go to certain death … In the movie you see the captain "K-19: " Nicholas Zateeva and sailor Ivan Kulakov, who will tell about the events of 40 years ago.
After 2 years, in 1963, there was a third disaster. Most greyhound and quiet in the world of the U.S. Navy submarine "Thresher " killed together with all the staff of seafarers which numbered 118 people. The cause of this tragedy unknown to so far. The boat was just crushed Straseni force of the ocean, and the only thing that managed to find the rescuers — a crumpled piece of pipe! About this disaster recalled one of the officers "Thrasher " which as fate would not go away in that disastrous campaign.
And, of course, in the movie will talk about the unforgettable catastrophic death Underwater boat "Kursk ". You'll see footage from the family archives of the dead sailors and hear the memoirs of their wives and friends.

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