Lukashenko instructed to prepare the most stringent measures in response to a possible EU sanctions

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has ordered the government to prepare the tough measures in response to the possible introduction of EU sanctions against Belarus.

"Government orders, one: if anyone tries to impose on the country's economic or other sanctions, we must respond immediately to prepare the response, including the most severe," — said Alexander Lukashenko on Thursday at a meeting on some domestic issues.

"Not under whom we are not going to cave in, and tilted us no one is allowed. And it has to deal with is anyone who tries to push and block the country — whether it is a separate group of countries or even the European Union as a whole ", — said Alexander Lukashenko.

According to him, "Today, we must carefully consider all measures to protect our sovereignty, economic and geopolitical interests." In this regard, Alexander Lukashenko stated that he expects from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of "concrete proposals to combat anti-Belarusian campaign abroad." "We need to develop a set of measures that do not allow to make our country a pawn in someone else's game and to hit our economy, security and sovereignty," — said the head of state.

The President said that "the enemies of our country began a powerful attack from the outside, foreign media launched a fierce media campaign against our country." "We threaten sanctions: whether to declare the blockade, or even something in isolation, and so on," — said Alexander Lukashenko. He said: "We've been through this. If Europe, America and some people still want to come a second time into the same trap — the Lord to them in the way. "

As noted by Alexander Lukashenko, "if the Europeans who are so zealously undertook to protect our thugs, their fates were interesting, if they only hurt for them, there would not be any problems." "All of this is done in order to develop this problem so as to sell within the EU and each country", — said the President.

"What, now the Europeans have no problems? Is. The EU has no problems? The roof. The Americans have not? Is. Mind your own problems, "- said the head of state.

Lukashenko said that "someone wants to warm hands and porazglagolstvovat on all these issues." "We are not opposed to discussing them, and do not mind even to rant. But before discussing these questions, you must carefully study the situation, learn the facts, "- said the president. "Only on the basis of the facts and the Constitution of the country, we are ready, including tips on the side to make decisions in Belarus", — said Alexander Lukashenko.

"There is no other. If we keep going in favor of the policy to break the laws and the Constitution, we will break the country in the near future ", — said the president, adding that" this has been the experience of many countries. "

Besides, Lukashenka said, "Our position must be unshakable." "The Belarusian people — the owner on his land, and no one has the right to decide for us how we should live. Non-interference in the internal affairs — a principle recognized by the world community. And even the strongest and most powerful country is not allowed to break it, "- said the President of Belarus.

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