Manifesto free mankind

1. There are two main sources of human suffering,
disasters, wars and lawlessness — power and rushing to the world
domination and subjugation of the entire Jewish.
Any explanations on the causes of poverty, overcrowding,
environmental crisis, the lack of resources — it is a lie. Population
Planet deliberately kept the world Jewish elite in poverty
weakness. Artificially constrained by technological progress.
The enemy of mankind — a Jewish power and its social
system built from ourselves away. Need to deal with it
constructing their ravnovygodnyh systems.
2. Force law — the basic law of life. False — the most affordable
weapons, so the most common. An organized group of people
or social system — always more disparate crowd. Point
in life — it is a struggle for themselves and their family.
The most common social system — a system of power
that are subject to their owners — rulers.
Therefore, history is made lords or owners leverage
power. History is made alone, or power, or smart. Stupid
disunited and the enslaved population — always expendable.

?3. Lever of power — a system or device that allows
little influence to get a great result.
Subordinate small elite social system — only one of the
Other tools are knowledge, technology, weapons, any
centralized systems — that is, a system where you can control from the
a single center.
World rulers seek to enslave all of humanity,
so they increase the centralization of all systems.

4. Any power works through the creation of a social system
enslavement, which runs on the rulers.
Originally from the community stood organized group
punitive and bring on the rest of society.
Also uses modern technology — the threat of weapons
befuddling media, destroying the independence of the sources, direct methods
weakening and genocide.

5. There are social systems that work for all
participants — for example, human language, peer networks,
contractual relationships in business. Destruction of power, destruction
Jewish design and construction of such systems — this is the way to
Fortunately for all of humanity.
The main component ravnovygodnyh social systems — Compensation
human psychological weaknesses. Equally important is the stability of
Time for a change of psychological portraits of generations and protection
from external aggression of individual systems.
A special case of social systems is ravnovygodnyh

6. Almost all of the science of society and man (psychology, economics,
political science, sociology, history) — a deliberate lie to
concealing the true knowledge as power tools.
The truth about human psychology — the person is lazy and can not
motivated by far the results — that is, is local in time
Man is selfish and rarely look at the result of their
Affairs at the entire social system. Trying to make things better for
at himself and his family while he is destroyed at the global
level. Often they are fighting against all, and to all die, so
system almost always provokes to a third party.
That is the person is local in the social dimension, and the right —
think on different levels. Any power, knowledge, human resources
People generally vile, jealous, greedy, subject
temptations, to manage emotions and not reason, want to live by
others ready to crime at a specific benefit. For
human power — the powerful drug, especially for animal damage
psyche. Human mind creates genetics
family, the environment, personal experience. Genetics is well described in the books
Klimau degeneratologii. Suffering psyche change quickly. At
lack of suffering or in excess obtained ugly
psyche. A person can take pleasure in bullying
other people. Often ready to oppress the weaker.
Therefore, the best condition of the world — when all the strong and dangerous to each
other. Power and weaken the Jewish people and the whole country to be
enslave. Therefore, for the struggle against the authorities should strengthen people.
Religious proposals to love our neighbor — a deliberate lie,
because it is unnatural for a man, people do not like each
other. Hatred and resentment are much stronger and more stable friendship and
thanks. To love one's neighbor is not to build a sustainable
social system.

7. The basis of the productive economy — not a division of labor, and
complementary bringing people into a coherent system. Labor
did not create man because of the monotonous work people
The most powerful weapon in his life — technology as the highest form of knowledge.
The general level of intelligence originally founded in the human genome, but
can be developed as a separate person, and purposeful
selection, eugenics.
No classes in society — the impact of social systems have only
(Ie any organized association of persons), almost always in
the interests of their owners, very rarely is there a system ravnovygodnye
Stronger than the one ruler, whose system is more and more organized.
Competitors to the Jewish people as a powerful and sverhorganizovannoy
No system in the world.
Religion — a blatant lie, based on psychological methods and
herd instinct. The scale of the world of crime refute the presence of
"Good god, judge."

8. Money — a harmonized system of associations of people,
synchronize their work without love of neighbor.
The result of this system are all the achievements of human
For wealth creation needs targeted
synchronized work of many people over a significant time
contrary to human psychology.
A person can only work for the quick reward, and always
tries to shift work, risk and trouble to the other.
Monetary system to compensate for these shortcomings.
Money can reward people quickly and make
fulfill its part of the overall business.
However, the monetary system is sticking Jews and distorted in their
favor of a system of securities, as the uncontrolled emissions
physical and imaginary bank money, the availability of exchanges, monopolies
and many other ways.
So when people work for money, he works for the killers
of the planet, that is, in the Hebrew people of the world do
pay for their destruction.
You can create alternative systems of accounting and control by
IT systems, money substitutes, which helps equalize
Share trouble, risk, responsibility and work,
monitor and enforce the agreements in the
achieve the objectives.
This is — the way to victory. In their construction — a real opportunity to achieve
personal material wealth and other successes in the even
a small group.

9. Judaism is the most powerful organized army, which
take over the world. The ideology of Judaism creates ideal conditions
for the strength and unity of the Jewish people —
strong families, genetic purity, mutual aid and revenues between
Jews, a think tank in the form rabbinate own courts,
vault deep wisdom of life in the form of the Talmud,
a magnificent system of national education
reproduction characteristics of the people in generations, life wrestling
principles, a working knowledge of the most important life sciences.
Jews through a set of related, best on the number
Jewish organizations into a structured army and
act in concert.
Jews own 80% of the world economy, printing money and
supervise banks. Control almost all countries, all sectors
industry, culture, science, medicine, education, the media, almost
all governments in the world.
Control all international organizations that exist to
blurring the boundaries and sovereignty of nation states.
Democracy — a system in which decisions are not
single leader, monarch, and the hosts media and money, that is
democracy — a Jewish dictatorship. Bible MaynKampf and Capital —
Jewish disinformation.

10.Vlastvovat — means enslave. Need to enslave
weaken the person, organization, state. In relation to other
Peoples Judaism promotes frank genocide, declaring
Kill Goyim sacrifice to God. The ultimate goal of the Jews — the seizure of power
over the entire planet, the destruction of non-Jewish peoples.
And they're close. Judaism has a great technology
the seizure of power by veering different parts of society or different
between nations, or through bribery, organizing chaos, wars,
by Jewish women. Jews destroys all other nations
possible methods — destroyed all aspects of life — education,
family, psychology, health, public systems
rewritten history, crumbling economy, introducing the fifth
column, the Masonic lodges.
International organizations have programs to reduce population
by poisons in foods and cosmetics, artificial epidemics, vaccination
and made-up disease in medicine, that is, all centralized
systems. While any resources on the planet to live more than
enough. The only reason for the decline
population is a nuisance to manage such
income for the current system of government.
Wars and revolutions are organized by Jewish organizations,
international bankers, fifth columns in the world.
Rothschild-funded Trotsky Bronstein killed 30 million
Russian after the October Revolution. In this case, the Jews shout
his Holocaust toll is several times quietly
corresponded on monuments in the direction of a considerable decrease. And
Do not forget to milk Germany.

11.Est a chance to win the Jews? Attempts to capture the world
taken more than once. And every time I was choking on the offensive
any obstacles. Zionist victory would mean the end of
human civilization.
There may be other unknown laws of nature, which do not give
self-destruction of civilization? There are signs in the fields like
for signs of extraterrestrial civilizations, with the words of support to
struggle. On the other hand, there are many traces of developed
civilizations of the past, which seem to have disappeared.
In any case, you must fight. Criterion of truth of any
party — the source of funding. Strong rich party will not give
people do, because people are not funded. A
true party poor people because of their selfishness will not have
their strong support. Politics — a complex science. And
policy people — very little, but the Jewish liars — proved
force, while maintaining power for centuries. Therefore, without the innovations in the methods
political struggle, truthful parties do not have a chance.

12.B any sociological event and social system
must rely on the personal interest of the people. Only
Personal Benefits moves people to a significant activity. In poor
parties, which are not funded underhanded scum, this profit
is the ambition of the leaders.
For example, a party could use the Internet for active
agitation, films — the most effective form of information presentation. Could
to create a business-owned firms to employees — that is, where
all the profit goes to salaries. Could create a community. A community —
is a way to solve all human problems.

13.Obschina or social system — can solve all problems
each participant. Cohesive proper social system
You can win in the market struggle, that is, to make money.
The modern economic system — a system of enslavement,
so self-interest in it is achieved by deceit other participants
and the victory over rob system state. State
consists of the rulers and officials. Mafia wins officials
force the officials to capitalize on the system to change their
small businessmen can only find loopholes to cheat the system.
Must cheat, cheat, bypass, defeat enslaves
system of the state, taxes, laws, government officials and gangsters — it
main secret of success and enrichment, which is silent in all
"Guide to Success".

14.V schools offer a one-sided picture of the mosaic in a mixture with
bunch of lies — why rulers arming slaves true knowledge.
There is no economy without psychology, no question of power and politics
— It is very closely interwoven fields of knowledge. According to the present
laws of these areas need to read and listen to the work of the independent
and then analyze and compare, but there is not enough
space to describe these areas in detail.
For example, the economy is the effect of the concentration of capital. Community
may be relatively easy to solve the housing problem. Gather a group
of 10 and build 10 homes a lot easier than one would
build their own homes. Instead of humiliation before officials make
squatting on the ground, and to cope with the community is more complex than one
Use a loophole in the law for the ROC, to issue a religious
organization and conduct business without taxes and customs duties. No
mention the protection of the interests of the enemies,
self-reliance, growing organic food, etc.
You can use the lawyers to deal with government officials — for
delay, obfuscation trials. Logic decent
honest lawful behavior — is faulty logic. Good and
decency — wonderful things, but only among the same people. A
real environment — an environment fraudsters, criminals and scoundrels different
Therefore, the members of the community for the sake of his own happiness must first
fight. If no power to defeat the power of open and — conquer secretly and
Organized on the principles of social engineering community, as
ravnovygodnaya social system — this is the way to happiness for everyone
her party.
This is the tool that allows a remote village in a poor
people absolutely no prospects and hopes to build a
happy and rich life.

15.Globalnoy to mankind in a loving
existence is the complete destruction of the phenomenon of power and transition
the explosive development of civilization on the principles of creativity.
Regarding the government — in any position in society is possible
control and influence should always be accompanied by clear objectives, terms
liability and the threat of punishment.
The society must be built on the multi-level defense system
seizure of power. Should be clearly monitored any concentration
irresponsible influence. The system should be efficient with
managed not to lose stability when changing generations
resist attack by sole systems.
The need for precise numerical criteria the state of society
— for scientific management. Possible development of social
Designer to create the necessary systems. Since
human nature as a basis of social systems, for the most part
genetically determined, then you can select the most
effective standard solutions.
Necessary judgment and destruction of the ruling elite for their
crime victims with billions. Requires the collapse of the Jewish
the project. This can be done by mass education of the population about the goals
and methods of the Jews.
Disclosure of free energy technology will destroy
enslaving monetary system. With the help of psychotropic substances
discover and disclose sensitive information, which is stored
rulers and security forces, including the Advanced Technology and
their crimes.
Can help to start from the poor to organize parties
self-sufficient communities, accounting and control systems, for the benefit of their
members. And where everyone is armed with the knowledge of the theory of social engineering.
With this step the party will pay a heavy blow to the elite crowd-
the system.
Self-organization of people replace the money, allows people to achieve
desired part of life's happiness, to become independent of
Success has made it a mass phenomenon, and to fight with distributed
partisan systems, with people who know what they want, they know
how to know how to deal with alien systems, and which
not easily nagnesh laws and threats — the authorities are very difficult.

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