Mars and Mercury were formed from the Earth


To such conclusion experts of the University of California.

While scientists around the world are arguing about the theory of planet formation, U.S. experts put forward a sensational version — said the Internet portal "" They suggested that Mercury and Mars are likely to have formed from a part of the Earth and Venus. According to the most popular theory of the planet with a solid surface have a common ancestor — a thin disk of gas and dust. Over time, microscopic particles are combined into larger units, in consequence of which formed the foundation of new planets. However, scientists believe that if the "building material" in outer space had been distributed evenly, all the planets would be the same size. So — the gas-dust disk composed of several rings of matter. Earth and Venus formed from one of them. Young planets revolving around the sun passed through clouds of dust and gas. Some of this material conquer planets, and the other is discarded, and then passed into a new orbit. They, according to the survey, were transformed into Mars and Mercury.

Mercury is still one of the most mysterious planets in the solar system. Just last year, scientists were able to get the shots had not previously studied the southern hemisphere of Mercury. They show craters, which confirms the volcanic activity on the surface of the planet. As the "" previously only experts speculated this kind.

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