Meeting with non-humans in our world

There are many stories of encounters with creatures that look like humans, but whose behavior is observed something strange and inhuman. Who they are — mutant aliens or aliens from parallel worlds?

Zombie Subway

In 1978, mathematician and astronomer, author of "The Encyclopedia of the unknown," FY Siegel received a letter from the student MIPT Valeria Sokolova. It spoke of a mysterious episode witnessed by Valery. The young man was riding on the subway but the Circle Line. In the car, he noticed a strange group of people. Three men were sitting together, the fourth — on the contrary. All four were dressed in leather jacket and high boots. On their heads — knitted hat with the words seem to be in Finnish. But not so much surprised by Valery clothes as the behavior of strangers: they were in the unnatural stillness, each silently staring straight ahead.

Valery came to the station "Belarus". On the way back, he again by coincidence, he found himself in the same car. Strangers in leather jackets were in the same places. These positions do not change.
Intrigued, Valerie decided to watch for unusual people. He moved to the next car, where these four had a good view. Train four times circled on the Circle Line, but they remained in their places, still not moving and not speaking to each other.

According to Valery, mysterious passengers who may have been involved in a secret experiment, for example, a hypnotic effect on people.

Sinister driver

But Petersburgers Vladimir A., like, had to face not a magician, not a hypnotist, not an energy vampire. One friend invited Vladimir birthday. Sat up late. Rejecting the proposal to spend the night, the young man said goodbye to the hostess and went home. Public transportation does not go, cars on the street were not. Vladimir walked. Suddenly pulled up beside a battered black "Volga". The driver was a middle-aged man — red hair, aquiline nose, worn black leather jacket. Offered to drive for a modest fee.
Vladimir got into the car.

And then it started to happen with something strange. The driver said something, flashing a gold tooth. The passenger wanted to keep the conversation going, but he felt that he could not connect and the two words. Strongly felt dizzy, felt as if some force raises Vladimir, separates from the seat. Fortunately, at that time a young man fond of yoga. He folded his hands together, the same with the feet, and stood in that position, listening to the outpouring of the driver, the meaning of which did not reach consciousness, Vladimir, although he could see on his face drove devilish grin.
It seemed that the car was going very slowly. Still, the "devil" unlucky traveler drove home. Vladimir did not remember how out of the car, as the price. After that, he was sick for a long time.

The man from the basement

But Azerbaijani students TZ definitely had to deal with a stranger from another reality.
Late night in May 1990 in Baku. The young man, passing by an abandoned building, which once was a department store, noticed a faint glow, coming from the ruined basement. A man leaned out and in Azerbaijani asked the students to ask for help.

Moving closer, TZ saw an old man with a lantern in his hand. The young man said tall stranger, and his bald head. By the old man was a large diplomat. When a guy is helping an elderly man to get out, I realized — he was not holding a lantern, a strange ball through, as x-rays, translucent hand hook that could see the bones, muscles and tendons. The student was frightened and wanted to get away, but a new acquaintance asked to accompany him to the underpass, and the road opened diplomat and remove the strange device. Stricken boyfriend subject explained that if you press the two buttons on any machine, you can get … in a different world! TZ, hearing these words, began to run.

Foreign car without number plates

Also in 1990, 29 December, with another guest from another reality happened to come across a resident of Rostov-on-Don. Lyudmila Grineva returned home late in the evening of the guests, and decided to catch a ride. Catching sight of the approaching car, Ludmila raised her hand. Car — white, like a foreign car — stopped. Lyudmila said the driver, dressed in a shiny black suit, he will take it to the desired location.
— Yes, — he answered.

Grineva occurred to me that it is better to sit in the front seat. And in that moment, the front door is opened.
They rushed through the snowy avenue. Engine noise could hardly be heard. Ludmila wondered why the driver does not include the headlamps.
— I do not need — said this strange type.
Casually glancing at the hands buddy lying on the steering wheel, and Grineva gasped between his fingers were visible membrane, like a frog! Then she looked at the driver's face. It turned out he did not have a nose! Two holes instead of nostrils. The eyes are large, bulging, lipless mouth completely, the teeth are sharp, sharpened, like teeth in a saw.
Lyudmila petrified with fear. However, the car slowed down almost at the home of her, and without any prompting from the passenger. Getting out, she tried to pay the driver mechanically, but a strange creature refused to take the money.

In parting Grineva, without knowing why, instead of running from the monster, and spoke with him.
— I wish you happy to celebrate New Year! — She said.
— We have to not happen, — said the driver.
— Where do you live?
— Very far, over there — and he said somewhere up membranous hand.
The door slammed shut by itself, and the car started. Only here Ludmila said that the "foreign cars" there are no numbers, no bumper. Fortunately, the well-being of women, this meeting will not change.
Of course, some of these episodes can be attributed to the imagination, hallucination, hypnosis, and so on. But on the other hand, the world is so diverse, why it does not live beings, not like us?

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