MFA has found violations of human rights in the West

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus has prepared a report on human rights violations in specific countries in 2012. Document prepared by experts on the basis of Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Belarusian diplomatic missions, media and "other reliable public sources."

Foreign Ministry of Belarus has found violations of human rights in the West

The objects of study of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry were 23 European countries, as well as the USA and Canada. The list of violations were the propagation of racial discrimination, violations of the rights of migrants and refugees, the right to free movement, age discrimination in employment, persecution, racial discrimination, violation of the prohibition of torture, the right of peoples to self-determination.
Introduction to the report prepared by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Vladimir Makey. According to him, the purpose of the report — to draw attention to human rights violations in countries that have traditionally identified themselves as "advanced democracies", illustrated by specific non-compliance with their international obligations. "And last but not least, mention the sacrifices that are usually ignored and the countries of Offenders, and international organizations specialized in the field of human rights," — said the Minister.

He also noted that Minsk is not set ourselves the task to give a complete picture of the situation in these countries, but only tried to draw attention to the most resonant human rights violations in 2012.

The most significant part of the report focuses on human rights violations in the United States. In particular, the report stated that the U.S. had violated international obligations following: UN Charter, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Degrading Treatment or Punishment.

Right to life

After another shot Dec. 14 in the school g.Nyutauna online White House appeared a petition calling for "immediate legislative measures on the use of weapons." For three days a petition signed by more than 200 thousand people.

According to the analysis of mass shootings in the U.S. since 2005, the organization "Movement Brady against violence with firearms" every day from gunshot wounds in the U.S. killed 87 people. Such crimes occur on average every 6 days.

Peaceful assembly, freedom of expression, torture

28.01.2012, Auckland: to disperse a protest in the movement "Occupy Wall Street" police used truncheons, tear gas and stun grenades. In connection with the attempt to get the protesters to City Hall made mass arrests (about 400 people). According to the organizers of the protest, several protesters were hospitalized, among them — beaten with batons pregnant woman.

05/20/2012, Chicago: in riots detained about 60 protesters protest against the NATO summit in the city. Police used rubber truncheons. Protest organizers say the 12 patients with brain injuries.

17.09.2012, New York City police use of force has made mass arrests of demonstrators marking the anniversary of the start of the protest movement "Occupy Wall Street."

During the actual shares detained about 150 people, more than 50 were arrested yesterday. Just a demonstration against the growing social and economic inequality in the U.S. and the decisive influence of large corporations on the political process was attended by about 1,000 people.

"Numerous arrests of journalists covering developments in the movement" Occupy Wall Street "in 2011, led to a sharp drop in the U.S. ranking (47th place, a drop of 27 positions) in the report," Press Freedom Index 2011 — 2012 "organization

The right to self-determination

In November, residents of seven U.S. states have collected the required number of signatures for the withdrawal from the U.S.. Civil petitions placed in a special section of the website of the White House, where U.S. citizens can leave your request or to join an already posted. The White House began consideration of the petition, it must receive at least 25,000 signatures within 30 days. After this, the official response is published on the site.

Petition for independence of Texas gained over 125,000 signatures. In his petition stated that the U.S. economic problems are the result of the inability of the Federal Government to reform fiscal policy. In addition to the Texas gained enough votes Louisiana, Florida, North Carolina, Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee.

To date, the civil petition the White House is not considered to be considered as a violation of the right of peoples to self-determination.

Human traffic

According to a November 29 the second annual report of the American NGO «Shared Hope International» according to state laws of the United States criteria of legislative protection of minor U.S. citizens from crimes related to trafficking in persons, about 100,000 minors become victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation as a result of their involvement in prostitution. The average age of the victims — 13 years.

According to the authors of the report, only 16 U.S. states have laws that provide a sufficiently high degree of legal protection of children from trafficking. The situation in the 17 states assessed as unfavorable, 17 other states and the District of Columbia are covered by group hardly protect children.

The right to participate in public affairs

ODIHR OSCE in monitoring the presidential election revealed the following shortcomings of the election of the U.S.:

— 4.1 million U.S. citizens (residents of the overseas territories) are denied the right to vote;

— 600 thousand people in Washington do not have the right to elect their representatives in the Senate and the House of Representatives;

— 5.9 million U.S. citizens are limited in the franchise because of a criminal record;

— OSCE ODIHR observers because of the threat from officials prosecution could not be present at the polls in Texas, Iowa, Ohio and Oklahoma.

Candidates participating in the presidential campaign, have been deprived of equal opportunity to participate in the elections. To participate in national debates were admitted candidates from the Democratic and Conservative parties. Candidates from other parties organized alternative October 24 debate, which may not be broadcast by an American TV channel.

Candidate of the Green Party of George Stein in the campaign several times has been administratively arrested for participating in peaceful protests.

The right to legal protection, a fair trial, torture

Continuing the practice of expanding presidential powers and security agencies. To this end, various pieces of legislation made the following additions:

— The right of the President to order the killing of anyone suspected of terrorism;

— The right of the President to detain persons accused of terrorism for an indefinite period;

— The right of the President to decide whether the case will be reviewed by a federal court or a military tribunal;

— The right of the President to order the establishment of surveillance without warrants, as well as demand from companies and organizations to provide financial information, contacts, and social activities of citizens and prevent inform citizens about public disclosure of that information;

— The use of secret evidence, the practice of secret trials;

— A ban on the initiation of the investigation and punishment of CIA officers involved in the torture of terrorism suspects;

— Expansion of the practice of cases classified by the court in cases involving foreign intelligence surveillance of persons that are considered secret agents of hostile states or organizations;

— The use of GPS devices to spy on citizens without permission of the court;

— Move to other countries to both citizens and non-citizens (eg the procedure of "extraordinary renditions") for the subsequent implementation of the torture of suspects.

Abuse of freedom of speech, the propagation of racial discrimination

Under the guise of freedom of speech justice U.S. almost no chance to anticipate and respond to cases of incitement to racial and religious hatred nationwide. Failure to comply with U.S. obligations in the field of human rights is a threat to international peace and security, which conflicts with the goals of the UN.

September 11, 2012 was published on the Internet movie trailer American "innocent Muslims" in an offensive manner in which describes the lives of the Prophet Muhammad. Director of the film, a U.S. citizen with impunity.

Given the extent of U.S. influence in the world, this situation would actually lead to the destabilization of the international situation and the cause of the riots and the victims among the civilian population in the world. Mass protests were held in many Muslim countries (killed or wounded about 100 people).

U.S. State Department official confirmed that the U.S. government has spent $ 70 000 to broadcast a 30-second trailer on seven Pakistani TV channels.

"The U.S. Embassy in Pakistan has insisted on a broadcast trailer, as usual roundup not be sufficient to reach an audience. Movies — the best way to attract the attention of 90 million Pakistanis ", — the press-secretary of the U.S. State Department Victoria Nuland.

Invasion of privacy, infringement of correspondence

In December, U.S. President extended for five years, the Law "On Amendments to the Law on the Supervision of the U.S. foreign intelligence activities," according to which provides as follows:

— U.S. intelligence agencies the right to listen to conversations and monitor e-mail of foreign nationals, which the U.S. government as being involved in intelligence or terrorist activities;

— Listen to the conversations and monitoring of e-mails of Americans may be authorized by a "special court."

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