Mikhail Zadornov — Why Trehlebova arrested?

On the Internet, slipped very unpleasant for me to post. Missing interesting and educated people Trehlebov. I read his writings. Let's say, something I disagree with him. What does it matter? This is my business. Maybe I'm wrong, and he, and the rights of a third party. More alarming. Trehlebov one of the highlights of today's patriots. "The Patriot" — a word not Russian, but many generations have adjusted. He makes a very important thing — develops an interest in the history of the people that this interest today formula discourages education.

The fact that the prosecutor wrote about the anti-state activities Trehlebova certainly lies. Personally, I've never read anything in his work, calling for a revolution. Frankly, I think that our rulers in the Kremlin in general have no idea about how the people growing interest in all things Slavic. So, about the Trehlebova not know. I do not think this is an order of the Kremlin, not fit.

Zionist organizations? International? Also unlikely. I am familiar with the head of the Kabbalah Centre in Moscow, David, he was so shocked by the secrets of Russian words — Vedic secrets! — Even asked me to speak at its center for young people who are studying Kabbalah, and talk about the Slavic prirodovedicheskom view about the world. He was particularly interested in Russian proverbs. Such praise from Kabbalist worth it: "They are the wisdom in our Kabbalah!" No aggression towards me, Slav, he was not. Of course, there are Orthodox Jews, who do not like it when a nation declares its antiquity, and even to the same deeper than their Jewish. And we have such complete! I do not think … do not Trehlebov tried to take our Jewish oligarchs their business. Why is he to them?

I think it's just different. Nedopodelili something, some "money" with local officials. As soon as something serious happens, see where the "money" is buried. And while the "grandmother" nobody asked for your views nobody cares. This story is hidden something else … For example, those who are in the Slavic tradition topic and follows other than Trehlebov, opinion, might well squeal on him and his book. I do not know so well today psevdonarodnye our society to even dream up, who would it be. But the order here smacks of obvious. It is not clear what's the Rostov investigators? Moscow riot police clear — he was arrested in Moscow. The newspapers nothing about writing, on television did not say Trehlebov not a person for the politicians, he is a writer, thinker … Such people are usually not dangerous state.

But worrying is another story that happened in his time, too, with a writer, researcher of Russian history Petukhov. After all, he was arrested. Does not the common denominator in these two disasters? Petukhov yet adjusted to the fact that he passed away. While many stood up for him, including a letter asking for his release and I signed up.

Not so long ago died another guardian for the Russian land Nicolai Levashov. Recognizing his profound knowledge, I do not accept some of his statements, hostile to other nations. But I think that the story of his death is also shrouded in mystery and darkness. At the time, killed Konstantin Vasiliev. Certainly, there are other examples, of which I do not know. Is our Slavic true prirodovedichestvo so dangerous for today's rulers of shopkeepers?

Of course, who among us does not allow politically incorrect expressions in relation to the current policy and the economy. But we live in a world like in a dark alley, where every second of lurking danger. How can you be correct in the doorway when the robbers come across? They both need to call? Humanitarians who want to ease your life?

I understand that now is the time to help Trehlebovu. But that aid has worked, you first need to understand what happened. What is he charged with?

Yes, of course, sometimes Trehlebov also very categorical. But it is his own business, he believes that it should express themselves. And a low bow to him for what is not going on about someone. I'm not familiar with it, I can not speak for him. And do not know what he was doing in life. It is said that he had disciples, and he conducts workshops …. I know one thing: where there are students and seminars, there appears, and accounting. Accountants usually shustryagi. Maybe that's the case?

Now I like thinking out loud. In his opinion do not insist. But we want to know what's the matter. Personally, I have serious concerns. To understand as quickly as possible.

In a letter sent to phones of people who have to do with this: investigators and other "bosses." I spread them in this post, and he, too, will be calling.

Apply to the journalists, you are able to investigate all kinds of scandals, do a good job to get to the cause of his arrest — a reason it says nothing about the press and TV. Believe me, did a wonderful thing, in any case, you will be grateful to the people, not the power to keep.

Disgusting of all, we would like to know the reason for this "accident" in the fact that in Russia today has bred many Slavic societies who are quarreling with one another, a quarrel in Russia descendants of Yaroslav the Wise. Especially since many of them talk about the wisdom of ancient prirodovedicheskoy slavyanorussov. But vedichestvo and aggression incompatible. Hence, societies that are aggressive not Vedic and mow under them, so to attract the flock, and therefore no different from the various religious sects.

If you know something about Trehlebova — and that I really care about — be sure to tell in the blogs.

PS applies a letter that I received.

larasdvatri123 writes:


Sorry, not on topic, but it's important news. Today accidentally went to the site and Vedagora found out. Riot police stormed a seminar Alexei Trehlebova (about lucid dreaming), held all the participants. Was searched and confiscated passports, computers, money, even the ring — Ward with his arms lifted. Interrogated until one in the morning, then drove away. No one knows where it is now Trehlebov. Friends knocked down searching his location, he was worried that the third day without food and sleep. Request that the information and especially — to help with the lawyer!
Mikhail, I remember what you wrote a great impression on you with his book "Koschuny Finist Clear Falcon Russia" and you advised us to read it. As one your foe: It is up to the likes Trehlebova Zadornov mustered his pseudoscientific as historical and linguistic nonsense with the language, history, etc. of Rurik.
But your words: I am personally grateful Trehlebovu with which we, unfortunately, do not know. At the time, this work it has made me a very strong impression. And most importantly, in many Trehlebov based their arguments on the Russian language, which is very good feels and knows. Beat on Slavic square!

Read more:

Information from Trehlebova:
The Prosecutor's Office of the Krasnodar Territory
Attorney edge Korzhinek Leonid G.
Str. Sovetskaya 39
8 (861) 268-50-01
• Senior Assistant Attorney edge to address letters and reception of citizens: tel. (8 + 861) 268-50-75
The Office of Senior Assistant Attorney edge to address letters and reception of citizens: tel. (8 + 861) 268-25-63
Prosecutor on duty: Tel. (8 + 861) 268-50-01
Helpline: Tel. (8 + 861) 262-98-02
• Southern Federal District
General Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation
Deputy Prosecutor General Sergey Vorobyev
Rostov-on-Don, Red Army Street. 1b
8 (863) 287-70-11, 287-70-01 (fax)
• (this is the committee whose officers and arrested Shubnikov) SU IC for the Krasnodar Territory: Address Krasnodar Red Army Street., 4/1
• Phone: tel. 8-861-268-61-76, 8-861-267-35-29, 8-861-268-61-83

Michael, and you know this event? What is your reaction?

Serg Morgatsky writes:

Hello Michael, and you know this event? What is your reaction?


February 15 at 12.00 in Moscow at — st. Truth 24 pages 3, 4 floor were detained writer slavyanist Shubnikov Trehlebov and psychologist Igor Globa, and all participants of the workshop "The path to mastering lucid dreaming worlds for learning Na'vi, the glory and the Government." Riot police broke and began shakedown and questioning all participants. Were searched and retirement literature without any explanation of the words of one member of the workshop, it became clear that the investigators were from Rostov, Moscow OMON. Very strange somehow. Why is that investigators from Rostov to go to Moscow? In order to stop as it allegedly extremist? Strange very strange. And no matter whether it is registered? And who benefits from that the best representatives of Russia — the educated and enlightened, to remove from active life, in many ways through dummy articles and laws.

And let us work together to deal with this matter, because it affects us all. If so rushed to a completely normal, sane people who will not hurt a fly, this is what should be the patient's head to have to blame those who study culture, history of their people, their roots, traditions and customs, through the ancient books, fairy tales, proverbs , sayings, ancient tales and stories. And everything just happens in reality.

Let's turn to the book writer and scientist Alexei slavyanista Trehlebova Koschuny Finist Clear Falcon Russia. Turns out to have previously been criminal prosecution by the prosecutor of Krasnodar on books, lectures, and most of Shubnikov. And then thanks to the cohesion and self-organization of these patritov Russia, managed to defend the proceedings and to convict of treason and betrayal of those who conduct genocide of the Russian people.

Obviously, in the actions of corrupt officials, "werewolves" in uniform of law enforcement agencies is seen an offense under Article 357 of the Criminal Code — the genocide, as well as part of the 5th article 33 and paragraph 3 of Article 34 of the Criminal Code — participation and complicity a crime: genocide of the Russian people by removing obstacles actions aimed at the destruction of the Russian people, through the creation of conditions of life calculated to his murder. Besides also sees an offense under Article 278 of the Criminal Code: "The actions … aimed at changing the constitutional system of the Russian Federation."

More details can be found in the appendix of the book "Koschuny Finist."

The following quote from the book to annex the evidence base, by what means is carried out genocide of the Russian people, the methods used against the people of Russia — War of alcohol, drugs, money and financial fraud, etc. etc.

Read carefully and thoughtfully! Recommended for all patriots to adopt this information, based on Article 8 of the Federal Law "On Access to information about the activities of government bodies and local self-government", 09.02.2009, № 8-FZ)

User information may:

1) to receive accurate information about the activities of state and local governments. "

So start reading. Shakes into their heads. Exercise sound judgment. Draw appropriate conclusions. Good Luck!

Mikhail Zadornov - Why Trehlebova arrested?

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