Mobile devices and the afterlife


An increasing number of users of mobile devices (cell phones, PDAs, music players) wish to be buried with their electronic assistants.

The tradition of take-in the afterlife trophies and gold has been known since ancient times. People believed that they could use those things that have been buried in his afterlife. Often in ancient Egypt, the pharaohs were buried with their wives, troops and approximate people who valued and respected ruler.

In the 21st century, the tradition of being buried with trophies mundane life takes on a new form: people tend to pick up in the underworld smart phones and other mobile devices, without which they can not live a day. A recent study by a market research firm found that in recent years the number of applicants to take away a piece of another world of modern technology has increased markedly. Funeral services are ready to provide specific services.

I wonder how soon will undergo the exhumation of the grave sites of those who want to be in heaven with the phone Vertu?

Based on materials from Engadget

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