Mobiles III Reich (whether owned Nazis technologies of the XXI century?)

October 26, 2011 12:00


Secrets returned from oblivion and facts shrouded in mystery. Documentary series about the most delicate moment in world history, the past and present day Russia. The events of the Second World War, many years will be hitting the imagination of contemporaries dramatic twists and unexpected intrigue. It is time to reveal the contents of archives classified as "top secret." Witnesses still alive, ready to speak, although a decade ago, under pain of death, they made a vow of eternal silence. Fear of "the powers that be": what facts about his background preferred silence those who led his people to victory and great achievements. What ever will be remembered by those who today stands at the helm.

August 17, 1987 at exactly 13 hours 30 minutes Berlin Spandau prison inmate went on the last trip of his life. The prisoner's name was Rudolf Hess. What he did not have time to say and what technologies owned by the Nazis at that time?

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