Mohr fish and birds in Arkansas and scalar weapons

Articles about the mass death of birds and fish around the city of Beebe, Arkansas, came out on top in search engine Google today, January 3. About two thousand blackbirds and ducks, fell dead on the heads of stunned residents within 1 mile. Conservationist in special protective suits and masks potivogazovyh walked the streets, climbed on the roofs of houses, collecting buckets of dead blackbirds. Habitats with bird nests were not affected uncommon that nayulyudateley suggests the idea that the cause of mass destruction was not a disease, and lightning, hail or fireworks. Also, about one hundred thousand fish were found dead in Northwest Arkansas. However, the more experienced experts engaged in such "natural phenomena" long, argue that this could be another manifestation of Scalar Weapons, able to artificially alter the environment.

According to the American popular opposition site, which exceeds such audience promoted pro-government sites and channels, as, in 1997 Secretary of Defense William Cohen, said that "terrorists could use environmental weapons based on the use of electromagnetic waves to cause artificial earthquakes, volcanoes in the distance, climate change…. ". Next, the authors list the facts of tests of various types of weapons on its own citizens in America. Alex Jones even made a documentary in which the U.S. government accused of secret meetings with the powers to develop various kinds of unconventional weapons and programs to reduce the population by 80%. For example, it is shown that the gathering was attended Bilderberg director of the World Bank Paul Vulfovetts, Queen of the Netherlands, Rockefeller and many others. The film is called Endgame.

Alex Jones says openly in the face of Paul Vulfovittsu the answer to George Orwell's 1984 is in 1776, when it adopted the U.S. Constitution, which gave the right of peoples to self-government. Imperials, please do not rejoice. Their beloved Stalin named among the most bloody tyrants, acting in the interests of his unseen owners. Hitler — such as a puppet of the Rockefellers. The main enemy of humanity identified by the State, a tool of enslavement and extermination. A detailed account of human experiments around the world to launch an obedient zombie man who will never rise up against the government, world government. Presented documents showing how Henry Kissinger policy of money in exchange for a program to reduce the population. We believe that in Russia there are many who signed under such light borrowed money from the IMF, the advocates of the mass vaktsinizatsii, sterilization, and other effective ways to reduce the population. Henry Kissinger — a frequent guest at the Kremlin. Bilderberg permanent representative in Russia — Anatoly Chubais, who remains afloat under any government. In this context, the confrontation Colonel Kvachkov and nano-Chubais becomes sacred meaning. For whom the power of good, and for whom evil — is not difficult to recognize.

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