Month of Terror

Under this title in the recent history of Belarus will enter the period from 19 December 2010 to 19 January 2011. We bring to your attention a brief chronology of the events of this month, which started the "Bloody Sunday" on Independence Square in Minsk.

The day before the election, arrested the leader of the youth organization "Young Front" Zmitser Dashkevich. Later, he was criminally charged.

Even before the protest December 19 members of the security forces beaten to unconsciousness presidential candidate Nyaklyayeu. Later, representatives of the KGB Neklyaeva taken from the hospital and taken to the detention center.

After the polls close on October Square in Minsk together thousands of people protesting against election fraud. The column will move to the Government House in Independence Square. At a rally in front of Government House, presidential candidates declare their intention to negotiate with the government.

After the beating took place, and the refractive index of glass doors in the House of Government, representatives of law enforcement agencies — the Interior Ministry special forces and riot police — go on the offensive to the people gathered in the square. Security forces brutally beat people, despite their age and gender.

The detainees were beaten, held in the paddy wagons, denied adequate medical care, humiliated and intimidated.

December 20 at the Independence Square is a small (a few dozen) protest. Its members beaten and detained.

Total December 19-20, detained more than 800 people, including 7 of the 10 presidential candidates.

Alexander Lukashenko, Speaking at the first post-election press conference, interprets the events of December 19 at the Independence Square as an attempted coup.

Secretary of the Interior Anatoly Kuleshov reports that law enforcement agencies have information about all the participants a mass rally on December 19 and they will all be brought to justice.

31 people, including five presidential candidates facing criminal charges under the organization of mass disorder and participating in them.

Those accused on charges of rioting, limited in their ability to counsel: Lawyers weeks can not get a meeting with their clients.

Presidential candidate Statkevich the first day of the arrest began a hunger strike, which holds to this day.

The wave of repression is not perastsihae across the country for a month. Dozens of political and civil society activists and journalists interviewed in their homes were searched and confiscation of media. Searches and confiscation of information carriers were held in a number of editions of independent newspapers, at the offices of political parties and public organizations. A lot of people called in for questioning and talking on the basis of information received from the mobile operators, according to which the owners of certain phone numbers are on December 19 in the Independence Square.

Still ongoing arrests and convictions for administrative detention of persons deemed by the authorities to the causal events of December 19.

Authorities show willingness to take on native Danil Sannikov — Son of presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov and Rockets, detained and indicted.

Belarusian TV shows film "Space: iron on the glass," and state-run newspapers published a collection of documents that outline the official interpretation of the events of December 19.

In Belarus, there was a movement of solidarity and assistance to prisoners, victims and their families.

Western countries have reacted sharply to the political repression in Belarus, the election results are not recognized by the EU and the U.S.. Poland unilaterally introduce visa restrictions for Belarusian officials involved in repression. The U.S. and EU say they are preparing sanctions against the official Minsk.

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