Mother policeman Klaskouski: In a flurry pour son insinuations

Among the defendants for "organizing mass disorder" — a former police officer Alexander Klaskouski. State propaganda carried it to the top five most active "troublemakers" who allegedly "stormed" the Government House on the day of the presidential election. Lyudmila Klaskouski, Alexander's mother, said that the physical and moral condition of his son for over two weeks, it is not known:

"My heart hurts for my son. The lawyer was able to see him only once, before the New Year, and already more than two weeks, there is no information about Sasha. As far as I understand it there is no medical treatment. We, his family, his wife, did not get any letters from him. But a flurry of pouring his address insinuations by the official media.

But the same police department probably already forgotten how Alexander detained armed hijackers, and by the way, has received a premium for it. As it was in the first row at a sporting event. As for so-called Alcohol, on what is now referred to the official media, I want to assure him in this sense is no problem never was. He is the father of three children, a very responsible family man. By the way, his children to still do not know where their father. And very worried. We have to tell them that he was out of town. Small Arsenka, who went only three year old, all the time crying, well, when finally my father back? I'm sorry, but I really hurt … . "

Husband and father at home waiting for his wife Natalia, 11-year-old Alex, a 7-year-old Dasha, which last year went to school, and Arseny, he was only 2.5 years.



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