MSU experts uncovered a global network of child trafficking

Parental shield against anti-extorsion. Beckman exposes Gestapo XXI century. The names of the child traffickers
January 26, 2013 MSU experts, who gathered from all parts of Russia to Moscow Lomonosov Prospect, issued a worldwide network of child trafficking and stated that it was time for each city to create domestic Interior Ministry special forces to combat this new form of Russian organized crime. Analyzing thirty years of turning kids into slaves juvenile gosdiktatury in the EU, MSU experts noted that the state juvenile system across Europe gradually merged into one, and then merged with the global network and a juvenile have been transformed into a transnational market for children. Juvenile European fascism comes to Russia.

Parent activists from the "Essence of Time" was first presented at MSU video, where the names of the officials who set out to transform Russia into a juvenile camp. Five hours of lawyers, lawyers, political scientists, demographers, criminologists, linguists, journalists, bloggers, teachers, educators, historians, psychologists, human rights activists, clergy and community activists are parents from all over Russia discussed methods to protect our children from the Russian technology is pushed west nemotivirovnnogo forcible removal of children with blood family and loved ones of all the parents and the transformation of Russian children in juvenile slave state machine on the European state standards.

The scientific debate about the "Gestapo XXI snorkeling Juvenile Justice" took place in Moscow at the expert conference "New threats to the family and childhood. Dealing with these threats in Russia and abroad, "the idea to form obscheroditelsky front and" All-Russian parental resistance juvenile terror "carried out under the chairmanship of the Director of the Institute of Demographic Security Irina Medvedeva and board member of the Russian Children's Fund Tatiana Shishova. The experts, analyzing the reasons for the imposition of Russian foreign to the traditional world view and the traditional family, juvenile technologies have come to the conclusion that the purpose of the authors of Juvenile Expansion — is targeted demographic breaking up the strong power of "natural" families — Russia. At a conference in Moscow, attended by representatives of parenting Ukraine and other CIS countries, who missed juvenile plague in their country, family and home and today they beat the bell misfortune that of Europe is now creeping into Russia.

In general, the parent community, scientists and experts today unequivocally stated that time, Russia is no longer the discussion. Our country today is a clear choice: either to the level of degradation goskidneppinga Europe or Europe to impose progressive path for the revision of the destructive legacy of the international conventions on children and complete rejection of the juvenile penal technologies.

Speakers: Finnish Anti-Fascist Committee head doctor of political sciences Johan Backman, chairman of the Bar of Pavel Astakhov — Victoria Danilchenko, Head of the Legal Division of the Office of Children's Rights Office of the Ombudsman of the Russian Federation Irina Vikhrova, director of demographic security Irina Medvedev, a member of the Board of the Russian Children Tatiana Shishova Fund, a criminologist Helen Timoshina, chairman of the Association of parents' committees and communities of Russia (SARK) Olga Letkova, coordinator of the international movement "Russian mother" Irina Bergset and others.

Thesis of the report "The Decline of predatory JUVENILE POLICY IN EUROPE"

Today we are witnessing the sunset of juvenile aggressive policy in Europe, followed by degeneration of nations. All the last 30 years, a policy of forcible seizure of children in the EU are held exclusively "classified." Parent community meekly took juvenile attack killing units created in virtually every country in Europe. After withholding own children home state system offered only two alternatives:

1. birth of new children themselves;

2 enjoy life without children.

Virtually none of the dispossessed children can not go back into the family, because all state system, including the judiciary, the legislature and the executive branch, to work at the destruction of the family and the "natural", "natural" connection between child and parents.

In 2012, the parents disagree with the policy of institutionalized goskidneppinga in Europe exceeded the critical mass and turned into a social protest. Parents broke taboos "top-secret" child question and emptied his tragedies in the media UK, Germany, France, Norway, Sweden, Finland, India, Russia, Sri Lanka and other countries. Once on the pages of the world press, the parent protest recorded crisis juvenile system in Europe and demonstrated that juvenile technologies require either immediate withdrawal or drastic reform.

Splash parental dissatisfaction wave was from the north to the south of Europe. In the international movement "Russian Mother" in 2012 turned over hundreds of Russian families affected by forced separation from loved ones Russian children in 28 countries. The Russians beat the bells troubles from Norway, England, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, France, Germany, from Cyprus, from New Caledonia, Malta, Israel, Turkey, Egypt, Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Greece and other countries .

In 2012, desperate parents in different parts of Europe and the world came to the demonstration and hunger strike, demanding the return of stolen Civil service of her children. Protests against the executioners of juvenile Norwegian "Barnevarn" passed at the Norwegian Embassy in Sri Lanka, India, Somalia, Russia, and most areas of Oslo in Norway. Against juvenile Gestapo "yugendamdt" vGermanii, juvenile Finnish fascism "Lastensuelu" and krovazhdnoy yuvenalschiny British parents were in the countries themselves, as well as in Russia, India and Serbia.

Besides the parent community undertook in 2012 a spontaneous attempt to create a kind of "parental liberation movement." In particular, a petition was drawn up at the United Nations to recognize the policy of forced separation of children and biological parents — a crime against childhood. The petition signatures were collected in 199 countries around the world, including in Russia. Petition itself was transferred to the reception of the UN headquarters in Geneva. According appeared after this in the media, the UN secretary general said the parents that a special committee will consider the issue at its meeting in December 2012 — February 2013.

Thus, in 2012, the parent community to overcome the fear of the world and the barrier "secrecy" and acted in Europe against state-legalized kidnapping in defense of the natural right of children to live and grow up in a family of blood relatives with their parents.

Meanwhile, it should be recognized that in Europe, parenting is extremely fragmented. In addition, according to published statistics, in 2012, one third of the European population is infertile. Nearly 40% of Europeans have psychiatric diagnoses, sits on antideperessantah, that is actually unhealthy (Sources happening, of course, lie in the religious roots of liberalism. — Ed.). Against such a background activation of the parent community in Russia, who comes to the protection of traditional values and the traditional family can be a "lifeline" for Europe, where the family is killed moribund juvenile gosdiktaturoy.

Progressive role of Russia in this case due to the fact that Russia can and must become a stimulant reform of child domestic legislation and international agreements, in words intended to protect the rights of children, and in fact transforming modern European children into commodities.

Roots prayuvenalnyh technologies go straight to Nazi Germany. Adolf Hitler opened the first orphanage in Finland, Sweden, Norway and other countries for targeted national code changes in children, expropriated from the parents. Hitler's technology today mimic juvenile system saving children all over Europe and the world from the biological parents.

Peak juvenile inventions accounted for in 1980, when in fact it was legitimized "neokrepostnichestvo baby-faced." According to the Hague Convention on International Child Abduction of 1980, children in all countries simultaneously "alienated" from their parents and attributed or attached to the land or the country where they are physically located at the time of withdrawal. Since then, Europe's parental rights to the "de jure" divided into two parts: the "right to bear" and the "right to bring" which otherwise became known parent custody of the child. State overnight expropriated "custody" for all children who are literally at the time of this writing, "stood" on the territory of the country. And parents of States to extradite from now right time to take care of their own child to the first infraction before the state system.

For 30 years, all European countries have moved from legal-sanctioned theft of children from birth parents to the open unmotivated seize children without a trial in the state.

In Norway, which leads the world in zhestskosti juvenile technologies over the last 15 years, "State Planning for ultrafast capture children" jumped from 500 children per year to 4,000 children a year, which state officials can withdraw from their parents without a court or otherwise, that is " suddenly "and without warning. The state is no longer required to inform parents about the causes of removal of their offspring in the very moment of confiscation. Just in your home during the day or at night and the police knock at gunpoint will lead your dety in an unknown direction. Strictest confidentiality will not be called out loud like the authorities' state-sanctioned terror of the family "(read more about what is happening, see the study" racism against whites ". — Ed.).

Almost every European country has so far approved similar legislation "sudden" attack on the family. And the terms of a written notification to the public about the reasons for the expropriation of the parent of your offspring vary in different countries from 7 days to 14 days or more after the fact koskidneppinga child. Parent is deprived of the presumption of innocence in the juvenile system of the West, so it is always "guilty" only so because the father of the children.

All were seized in the event of an emergency, children are placed on the secret to bioroditelya address. The state always has the unconditional right to change expropriate the child not only address, but even a name and a nationality. There are cases when these "okazenennye" children disappeared completely from view, not only the parents and relatives, but also from among the living.

State juvenile system in Europe is gradually merged into one, and then merged with the global network of juvenile and a transnational market for children. So under the guise of lzhesekretnosti cases to remove children from the family blood hides in fact a new form of organized crime, which controls the world trade and the global kindertrafik children.

In connection with the above, to the scientific, cultural, political, economic, and parent community of Russia is now a choice: either to the level of degradation goskidneppinga Europe or Europe to impose a progressive way to revise the destructive international conventions on children and complete rejection of the juvenile penal technologies.

Summing up, we can see that Europe is agonizing in its aggressive policy on the separation of children from their biological parents of the traditional family. We are witnessing a complete immoral expansion in Europe, while in Russia growing progressive tendencies, based on building a natural, "natural" or priority of the traditional family and traditional values "straight" (see exactly who is engaged gentsidom heterosexual families. — Ed .).

You can not copy the worst achievements of Europe, which is the juvenile justice system today. Juvenile penal technology — is an ugly relic and worst invention of Europe, now capable of destroying not only the Evpropu, but all mankind.

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