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By the International Museum Day website tells the mysterious story … Believe it or not, there are ghosts. Especially like to live in museums created from mansions and castles. Apparently, their former masters like to remember a time when they were human beings, not ghostly beings.

The museum in the house Laptev


In this room served a prayer, and the ghost disappeared from the museum.

This story is told in the site ProUfu.Ru Art Museum named after Nesterov. The house in which the museum is located, was built in 1913 by architect Tcherbatcheff. In this house lived a family lumberman Artemyevitch Mikhail Laptev. Here, even the bricks inscribed — with the inscription "Laptev."

When the Bolsheviks came to power, Laptev realized that the house he had taken away, but wanted to do from home is not some staff, and a library or museum.

Approaching a terrible time. In the bloody 1919, the merchant Laptev and another 500 people were taken by barge and drowned. He is survived by a family that moved into the stable. At the request of the widow returned to her some family things. But this is only the beginning of our history …

Footsteps and whispers

Anna Arnoldovna Hardin — a senior researcher at the museum, the restorer of ancient art, Honored Worker of Culture of the Republic of Belarus. She works at the Museum of the 27 th year. About the ghost knows firsthand:

— In the early 90s, many employees, to somehow survive, were forced to look for jobs here watchmen. I myself eight months on duty at night in the company of a large St. Bernard.


On this historic photo — house of the merchant Laptev. Then he turned into a museum.

And one night I heard footsteps — someone was walking down the hall and flip the switch. But the switch was turned off, so the light is not turned on. Suddenly I heard — this "someone" came out on the porch and after a while came back! And again — the steps in the corridor and click … Yes, it was scary.

One day, my dog jumped up terribly frightened of the night. Hair stood on end, teeth bared. Usually, such a friendly St. Bernard dog barked sharply at the empty corner.

Steps sighs, whispers I heard every night. In general, the duty I was scared. And then … I was advised to make friends with a ghost! And during one of the night shift I went to the ghost out loud and said something like, "Please do not scare me, I'm the same tomorrow morning back to work!" And imagine — this helped! Noises died down for a while.

Similar stories were told other employees. In winter, a ghost knocking on the window and sat down on the sofa, so much so that it slumbering watchman felt that the seat beneath it creaks and sags.

The museum was rumored that the ghost — nothing but a soul tragically lost his host Laptev.

— I do not believe that tales, until she had spent the night at the museum — said the chief curator of the museum `s Sorokin. — Those wishing to be on duty no more. Had to hire students, and they dared to guard the museum in pairs.

Something had to be taken. In the late 90's in the museum came a priest and served in one of the halls of prayer by Mikhail Laptev. Since then, the ghost has calmed down for good.


According to urban legend, the most famous ghost still inhabits Ufa Nesterovsky not in a museum, and the house-museum named Aksakova — in the office of the grandfather of the writer Nikolai Zubov. Sergei Aksakov wrote that as a child he dreamed that's where my grandfather in his dressing gown, dressing gown. It is said that the spirit lives on in the room so far …

Evgeny Sokolov

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