Muslims threaten to pour the blood of Moscow (updated)

Lawyer Dagir Khasavov creates Muslim Union and requires a system of Sharia courts. A says the following: "We are at home. Perhaps it is you are wrong, and we are at home. If someone is against the establishment of Sharia courts, we fill the country with blood, to turn Moscow into a dead lake. We will expand the network to the size of the Arab Caliphate. All Muslims should be united. I think that Russia should give us that opportunity. "

Updated April 26, 2012 at 11:16 MSK:

A Muslim lawyer Dagir Khasavov, supporting Sharia courts, Moscow promised to fill with blood. "Muslims do not want to get involved in a multi-court system, it is alien to them. We believe … that we are at home. And … we will establish the rules that suit us, whether you like it or not. Any attempt to change this obolyut blood in Moscow will be the second Dead Lake "- quoted scandalous statements" Komsomolskaya Pravda ". On the website of the law firm "Dagir Khasavov and partners", it was stated that the newsmaker — Assistant to the Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Social Policy and Health Valeria Ryazan. However, the senator from dubious dating disown. Soon the home page and a lawyer at all refreshed, and all mention of the parliamentary activities lawyer disappeared from there. Khasavov himself explained that his correspondents "provoked."

Update number 2 (April 27, 2012 — 18:52 MSK)

According to BBC, the decision Dagir Khasavov took after having received a number of threats in his address. It is noted that an emergency departure Islamic lawyer now known to the Russian public political refugees.
On the eve of the Moscow prosecutor's office announced that in an interview Hasavova channel "REN" found signs of extremism. Lawyer, recall, in particular, said that if the capital will not be created sharia courts, the city "will flood the blood."
Interior Ministry has begun to explore the controversial TV interview recording, but its findings have not yet released, write online

Update number 3 (April 27, 2012 — 22:32 MSK)

CEO Ren TV announced a warning for the interview Dagirov Hasavova. Gene. prosecutors found in his statements of extremism.

Hasavova words about the need to revive the sharia courts have caused a scandal. The lawyer said, Russia is obliged to go for it for the sake of living in its territory of Muslims. Otherwise, it could end up a lot of blood.

With criticism of attorney made by many political, social and religious leaders. Head of the Chechen Republic has named these provocative statements.

"We have no doubt that they are made to order," — said Kadyrov.

Khasavov himself says, his words out of context and distorted, according to a story PIK TV.

Update # № 4 (May 3, 2012, 13:44 MSK)

Lawyer Dagir Khasavov preparing a lawsuit to REN-TV on protection of honor and dignity, said the son of a lawyer Arslan Khasavov. It will require to show the full version of the interview with him, and to compensate moral damage symbolic sum — 1 ruble.

It is a controversial TV interview, followed by a public debate. Of Russians believed that the statement D. Hasavova of sharia courts are extremist. Others believe that they were vyrvanny of context.

Author's words about the "Dead Sea" in Moscow, which "flood the blood," criticized the political, social and religious leaders. D. Hasavova accused of "inciting hatred and hostility".

Earlier it was reported that the lawyer had left Russia in a European country after he received threats in his address.

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