Myasnikovich go on Russian oil

Deliveries to Belarus duty-free Russian oil that are stopped from 1 January this year, not yet resumed. In the relations between the official Minsk and the Kremlin remains calm. Meanwhile Russian media reported "severe police repression" against the opposition in Minsk.

According to the press service of the Belarusian government, the Prime Minister of Belarus Mikhail Myasnikovich this week working visit to Russia, "to meet with the Chairman of the Russian Government Vladimir Putin." The specific date of the visit and the program is not reported. However, observers note that the main topic of the talks will be exactly the supply of oil.

The oil negotiations, which took place last week, have not yielded concrete results, and the supply is not resumed. The representative of "Rosneft" on condition of anonymity, told the "Freedom", the company is doing everything possible to restore the supply of:

"Our company is in talks with Belarusian partners on the price of our oil supply and refining it to Belarusian refineries."

There's no rule that the issue is quite serious political implications. As negotiations reach an impasse, and nepadpisanne supply agreements to the neighboring country in such serious volumes — nearly 1 million tons of oil in the quarter — "it's a pretty serious thing." And this is what has sooner or later "can go to the competence of the politicians."

The Belarusian Alexander Lukashenko so far they have not spoken out about the termination of deliveries of Russian oil to Belarus. A Belarusian refineries report that operate at full capacity.

Economist Leonid Zlotnikov believes that the current dispute is economic: the Russians do not agree with the fact that the Belarusian side increases the price of transit, and demand higher prices for their oil.

They built a pipeline bypassing Belarus and now they just will not give up.

"We can predict that Russia has taken a tougher position on prapampovvannya oil, its supplies, as they built their pipeline bypassing Belarus and now they just will not give up. In the end, they have to find a compromise, because there are not that much money for transit, that was such a confrontation. "

While the Kremlin are silent, the Russian media continue to criticize severely the official Minsk. Russia's first television station reported that the summing-up of elections in Belarus "is expressed in harsh police repression against the opposition, persecution of journalists in exposing the conspiracy against the Belarusian Russian democracy." Channel recalls that the West is preparing for sanctions against the regime and "Mr. Lukashenko has two weeks to something to think about and release of political hostages."

Director of the Institute of CIS Zatulin, however, sees no reason to Russia in its relations with Belarus' trailed in the wake of the West and introduced sanctions against Belarus — a member of the Customs Union with Russia. "

"In Russia, of course, can have your opinion about the political process in Belarus, the political regime, which in recent years vstayavsya in Belarus. We obviously do not like everything in the behavior of the Belarusian authorities. But the sanctions do not affect, or other personally Lukashenko, Belarus and affect a whole. "

Russia's "Kommersant" quoted policy Olga Abramova, which suggests that Moscow will take advantage of the situation when the Western vector for Minsk closes, in order to drive the Lukashenko in a narrow corridor. And he will have to answer for all the wrongs he had done to the Kremlin for two years.


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