Mysterious stories with ghosts

Ghosts — is not only blurred white silhouettes whose photos often published as evidence of the afterlife. They may look like the projection of the face of the deceased and the "show" in the most unexpected places. Thus, British Andrea Samuels says that the image of her late husband regularly appears on the wall in the bedroom.

According to 41-year-old woman, the ghost began to haunt her, four years after the death of a spouse. However, this was preceded by a variety of events. First, in the house of Andrea Carlisle wound poltergeist. New furniture constantly breaking down, the walls were falling photos, and then on the bedroom wall was more distinct and clearly exude person dead husband. In this case, the ceiling began to appear the image of the deceased dog, a boxer named Hub, which once belonged to the owners. And going to the bathroom, the owner of the house heard the dog's heart-rending howl.

Andrea recently invited to the house of a Catholic priest, Father Paul Dedsona. He later confirmed that he had seen on the wall of what looked like a picture of a man, and the ceiling — an image that resembles a part of the dog's body. The priest sprinkled all the rooms in the house with holy water, and read several prayers. According to him, over 13 years of service to his church only twice summoned to consecrate a haunted house. The widow also hopes it will help drive the ceremonies held spirits.

A wife and Famela Marcelo de Souza, in turn, were shocked when a few years ago, during the procedure, ultrasound saw on the screen the face of his dead mother Marcelo. It is as if somewhere surfaced from the uterus. The study was conducted on the stage of pregnancy at 10 weeks. The first mysterious image on the monitor said Marcelo, and later on he and his wife noticed, looking at the pictures. Of course, the image looked quite blurry, but he is very much like her mother's face men, who died four months earlier.

Curiously, in the photographs of the unborn child is nothing abnormal in sight. The birth went well, and now de Souza and his little daughter for three years. Marcelo believes that the image has occurred during ultrasound, was a sign that his mother filed from the dead — she wanted to show that her soul should move to the little girl. "I immediately realized that this is it, — he said. — She's back us to continue to care for us and love. I showed the picture to many of his friends and they were shocked by the similarity. "

Often in such episodes involving celebrities. So, at the beginning of this year, a group of Chinese tourists managed to videotape the mysterious image that appears in the window of one of the churches in the Scottish city of Glasgow. Many are convinced that it is none other than the late Princess Diana Spencer! It is true, I wonder why her ghost was not observed either in London or, say, the home of Princess Diana in Norfolk. After all, most of all phantoms appear where they lived during his lifetime.

Poltergeist pursued and actress Jennifer Love Hewitt. Settling into a new home, she felt that she was constantly being watched. She also heard footsteps in the hallway, but if this quickly turned around, I saw a man's shadow on the wall. The actress turned to "Ghostbusters," which successfully delivered the home of Jennifer "evil forces."

There are rumors about a ghost, lived in the house in Trekhprudny Lane, where previously lived actress Lyudmila Gurchenko. A neighbor of the apartment across the landing photographed his friend, and is engraved on the frame something like a woman's face. Many who have seen the picture, say that it is none other than the late Lyudmila Markovna. Besides, the neighbors on the landing, and the bottom, heard coming from the empty apartment footsteps, voices and noises.

However, the supernatural "play" image of a dead person no matter where it is in itself is a rather frightening experience. While it is possible that one day science will find an explanation. Researcher Michael Cohen believes that the emergence of such images may be just an optical illusion, and their similarity to the "original" — just a coincidence. But who knows — maybe it still manifest themselves residents of the other world?

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