Mystery Mirror


November 19 in Russia celebrate Day of the glass industry. Creative editorial team decided not to leave that day without seeing, but we have our own view on the mysterious world of "Zastekolya."

For millennia, magicians, sorcerers and soothsayers, looking into the mirror, claimed that they see there is something that is not available to mere mortals. The dual nature of the mirror surface has always captivated and made people think. Ancient knowledge indicated that the mirrors are nothing but the channels of energy flow.

It is no accident for divination and still there is a way, when the mirror put against each other, so they organized a corridor receding reflections in both directions. Magicians of the past argued that the mirror is an exit to another, the underworld. They believed that what he saw in the mirror surface at midnight may well be predictive of the future. And the old rule curtain mirror when the house is a dead man, was not born in a vacuum.

In the unusual properties of reflective glass and believed one of the scholars of the Middle Ages-Teofast Paracelsus. Diagnosed patients it put on their breathing at the mirror. Being a brilliant healer, he used a mirror and for the treatment of patients.

You can not believe this, but evidence of the strange properties of the mirrors is too much to ignore them completely.

Unfortunately, we often "charges" mirror the negative information. After all, if you think about it, is something we are looked at him to turn up and fix flaws. And, as a rule, we find not one hair, wrinkled face, clothes started suspiciously swift figure … We can immediately fix it — and move away dissatisfied. A mirror of our emotions to remember, and only give a reason — they will return with a vengeance.

Today, however, it makes sense to listen more attentively and to some of experienced psychologists and beauticians. For example, to this: at least look in the mirror when we are sick or fatigued, in any case, do not berate yourself in the mirror. However, there are some pleasant recommendations: to approach the mirror with a smile, and before you move away from it again to smile and wish you every success itself. Strengthened and returned a positive mirror program will help relieve stress, lift your mood, adjust to luck. After all, we are laying the mirror program, and it programs us.

Mirror — it's not just a subject shrouded in mysticism, but also an element of interior and irreplaceable thing in life. It reveals to us the secret symmetry of the universe, and can push the wall of the house from the inside and to create new views. Therefore, the choice and installation of mirrors, designers are advised to approach not only the mind but also the soul, listening carefully to your inner voice. And the ancient teachings of feng shui mirror directs the choice to follow a few rules.

For example, you should pay attention to the general condition of the mirror. It is believed that only a completely new mirror can improve the psychological climate in the family, as it does not carry any negative information. Mirror, inherited inherited, too, can be placed in the house, but on the condition that its previous owners were worthy of you and your favorite people. And, of course, it is better not to use a cracked mirror — a centuries-old experience of Feng Shui has proven that the map of reality "with defects" provoke illness and quarrels.

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