Mystical discovery scientists — similar Stonehenge in Bashkortostan

November 13, 2012 6:27

Correspondent "KP" has tried to unravel the mystery of the mysterious archaeological sites in Uchalinsky area.

Bashkir Stonehenge - an ancient calendar, the observatory ...?

Bashkir Stonehenge — an ancient calendar, the observatory …?

A unique ancient monument, which many call "Bashkir Stonehenge" hard to find. First, it is very far away: The Honorable readers will first have to get to Uchaly, then drive to the picturesque village called Buida — and that's before you Akhunova. Will pass and it will drive a large field — stop! 400 km is obtained from Ufa, if not get lost. Second, prevent the imagination that draws immense size of the complex, as in the pictures, guides to England. But no, our monument is much more modest in size. This is a great circle 30 meters in diameter, in the middle of a large rock with a life-size, alongside another, slightly smaller, and around eight small menhirs — roughly processed vertical stones laid ancient man. Well, another small stone to the west. Here, indeed, is all. Why is this ordinary, at first glance, an archaeological find so attractive to scientists and tourists?


The official name of "Stonehenge" — "specially protected area archaeological complex" Ahunovskie menhirs. " It was discovered, scientists from the University of Chelyabinsk in 1996.
At the site found a bronze cross, pottery of the Late Bronze Age (that is, they are about four thousand years) and stone knives (to them at least 5-6 thousand years). But the main thing — it is those stones — menhirs.
— Around a core of stone were also eight small pieces of wood, but they eventually rot — says guide complex Gulnara Sadykov. — Scientists have concluded that this is some ancient observatory and each stone corresponds planet. That is the ancient people who lived in this place, knew structure of the solar system.
However, the word "observatory" does not mean that there was a telescope, in which the ancient people studied the stars. According to scientists, these stones were used as a calendar — our ancestors saw the shadow falling from the central menhir, and specify the date and time, as well as the days of summer and winter solstices.
— These data allow us to consider the monument in Akhunova not only as an ancient religious complex, but also as one of the largest on the number of events observed astronomical observatories, ancient Eurasia. The only direct his counterpart is much larger, but has essentially the same structure and reflects the close level of astronomical knowledge monument Stonehenge in England — wrote in their paper on the results of a number of expeditions, scientists Fyodor Petrov and Andrei Kirillov of the Chelyabinsk State Pedagogical University.

By mysterious menhirs constantly tourists come. For example, a family Evdokimov from Magnitogorsk sure that the local nature heals
Photo: Stanislav Shakhov

— Complex for many years existed as a place of worship. There in the corner was an ancient settlement. But to say exactly what it is — almost a lost cause — he says, one of the researchers set Vitaly Fedorov.

MONUMENT Desecrate Satanist?

By the way, about the special protected. A couple of years ago, some unknown sack against history — came here with a sledgehammer and broke a few stones.
— Of broken stones erected these vandals inverted cross around the main sanctuary menhir, and near drawn inverted five-pointed star. This definitely was a satanic ritual — says our guide, the tourist center of the head "Belovodie" Dmitry Dmitriev.
Bullies never found. The locals do not rule out that the police can no longer needed and blemishes ancient shrines suffered his punishment.
I once wrote about another miracle Uchaly — hidden away in the forest pyramids. Was one such pyramid near the village Kiryabinka. Once, two local residents took it and broke. And just over half of them died, the other lost all possessions and took to drink. And it's not a legend, this story all the locals know, here ask.
Now a historic monument is surrounded by a wooden fence, and its territory, day and night viewing camera.

— There place is really a pagan … and unusual. Local residents for many years by word of mouth passed on to this place did not go, because there allegedly dumping giants, in our opinion, Alpamysh — says Gulnara Sadykov. — There is still a belief that families who do not have children, come here, and then the results are positive! Yes, there have been cases — for ten years did not, and all of a sudden!

From personal observation: while we were in the complex, a strong wind blew. Clouds running across the sky at speeds Vandal running away from the police. But over by the complex was not a cloud. They seem to shy away from this place. In the gift shop near the offices of the complex you can buy stones, magnets with views Uchaly figurines houses and even a wicker stool.

Here we are introduced to a family Evdokimov from Magnitogorsk. — We got here by accident, just past the car passed, — says the head of the family, while their young son Ivan throws to the central menhir coin. — For a serenity here feel that spirituality is there. Still just do not happen by accident. So we bought a house not far from here in the village, all summer living. We used Vanya sick constantly, not discharged from the hospital, but as moved — everything went right.
Tourists, by the way, are increasingly coming to these parts: who healthier, who venerate the saints, in their view, places. Large hotels in Uchaly while only two, so guests staying at a private trader, good guest houses built close to almost all the places of worship.
— Akhunov — the most amazing ancient monument, which I had to investigate. At the height of the excavation I was told that this is the best monument, which we explore in a lifetime. We will never happen to find and dig up something like that! We did not understand this place for real, and it did not feel real meaning. I even fantasize about it for I can not — full stop fantasy stupor — scientist Fyodor Petrov wrote in his "Tales of an archaeologist."
Photo by the author.


Living water and dead

And after visiting Stonehenge Dima Dmitriev our guide showed us another Uchalinskoe miracle, yet widely unknown tourist masses. A little further Akhunov in Karagaisky state order, for thousands of years are some huge stones with two bowls in the middle. As if someone would cut through them, and filled with water!

This huge stone bowl is always full of water
Photo: Stanislav Shakhov

They say that the water in these bowls is always there, regardless of the weather and time of year. One more live — in another dead. This writer tried it and this and that. It is not clear, and a bit of yellowish needles, falls from above. So far, nothing — is alive and well still por.Nayti the stones themselves, perhaps, impossible. But if you're lucky and you turn to the right place safely pass thickets and soft moss, and refrain from the temptation to stop and posobirat mushrooms, you'll be pleasantly surprised. Then quietly, like a fairy tale. For us, the citizens, quiet — this is when the TV is not working. But here — very different and strange to our ears.

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