Nationalists announced a repeat national gathering in Nevinnomyssk

Nevinnomyssk passed national collection of the Russian people. Theme collection — frequent crimes against the Russian in the Stavropol region under total inaction and possible protection from the police and other state. structures. Only in the last few days, committed several murders and attempted murders. Russian people rises against tyranny and ethnic crime.


December 22 Nevinnomyssk on about the administration building of the nationalist organizations planning a gathering of people under the slogan "Bringing Stavropol Russian!"

The announcement of the gathering was distributed on December 17 the news agency "Sturm-news", close to the leadership of the social movement "Militia of Minin and Pozharsky" (NOMP). Currently ad actively spreading nationalist segment of the Internet.

Organizers descent refer to the users' come from other cities of our country, support our own! We'll hold together! "Several activists, discussing the proposal" people's militia ", also offered that day to arrange flash mobs from local prosecutors Southern Russia, putting forward demands" against etnoprestupnosti and omissions of the authorities. " Nationalists accuse the authorities in implementing the policy, which would, in their view, in the Stavropol region "is an active Islamization" and displaced the indigenous population.

The reason for the event was the murder of a young man, which occurred on the night of 5 to 6 December, about a night club "Zodiac" (neighborhood "Factory"). 25-year-old Nikolay Naumenko, candidate master of boxing, was stabbed to death during a fight, are suspects in the murder of brothers from Chechnya and Magomed Viskhan Akayevs they wanted.

"Caucasian Knot" reported earlier that the 15 December the people gathering around the administration building Nevinnomyssk organized by Regional Centers "people's militia" and unregistered party "New Power". It was attended by about three hundred people, including those who came from the region of Stavropol and Kavminvod.

According to police, the rally was attended by 75 people.

They demanded the authorities to step up investigation into the murder and tried to cut off the main street of the city. According to OMVD Nevinnomyssk, five people were arrested, according to police, provoking participants converged on the streets of overlap, including the alleged organizer of the action. A few hours later they were released from the police station without making administrative reports.

At the head of the national gathering OMVD Nevinnomyssk, Lt. Col. Victor Demenko told the audience about the circumstances of the crime. According to him, about "Zodiac" was a conflict between Naumenko, who was there, accompanied by five friends, and a group of girls, the latter caused the "help" of two other young men, and during the fight occurred Naumenko was stabbed from profuse bleeding, he died on the way to hospital. According Demenko, "from the moment the crime I was there once … During the day I found the person who committed the crime … We are taking all measures to bring this man here … and communicated to the authorities as soon as possible." According Demenko suspected the federal wanted list.

Lieutenant colonel told the crowd that the city is being set up voluntary squads of students, who patrol the streets with police. Also, "are now taking steps to close the club's" Zodiac ", he added.

According to the mayor Sergei Batynyuka also released the protesters, for four months, which he heads the city, the city has a system for video surveillance of the busiest streets from which images are displayed on a single control room. Also during this time, Nevinnomyssk closed ten stores that sell alcohol. The mayor promised the audience to take the investigation of a criminal case under his personal control.

However, people and explain Demenko Batynyuka not satisfied, the crowd constantly heard cries of "You do not hear us," "Can not we talk," "You do not bear any responsibility!".

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