Native Sannikov and Radina received from them the first letters

Letter of the former presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov, dated the 12th of January, the editor of Natalia Radina — 14th, informs BelaPAN.

Authors of letters contained in the KGB detention center, a brief report that they are healthy, feel good, thank families for transmission and asking them not to worry.

Earlier, one letter were also relatives of journalist Rockets — Sannikov's wife, Vladimir Kobets — The head of election headquarters Sannikov, a former presidential candidate Alexei Mikhalevich. Mikhalevich, is also known to have given one opportunity to talk to his wife on the phone to talk her out of the trip to Poland.

With most of the accused in a criminal case on the riots in Minsk on December 19, which are contained in the KGB jail, lawyers were able to meet only once in the last days of December.

In January, lawyers admitted to Sergei Wozniak and Alexander Fyaduta — Trustees of the former presidential candidate Vladimir Neklyaeva. According to human rights, meeting with Wozniak took place on 13 January, from Feduta — 14th.

Still do not know anything about the state of health of the ex-presidential candidate Vladimir Neklyaeva who suffered in detention hypertensive crisis, and Statkevich, who went on hunger strike shortly after his arrest. Last lawyers have seen two politicians on December 29.

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