Nearly 200 houses were flooded due to heavy rains in Australia

Prolonged heavy rains caused flooding of about 180 homes in the town of Roma in Queensland in northeast Australia, previously severely affected by the devastating floods and tropical cyclone "Yasi", the website of the Australian Broadcasting ABC.
The water in the local river Bundzhil Creek (Bungil Creek) a few hours rose from a level of 7.3 meters to 7.6 meters. According to meteorologists, the evening of the water in the river can rise up to 8.1 meters, reaching a record set in March 2010, when the flood has affected about 400 households.
Authorities evacuated residents of 60 houses, 32 people have already placed in special evacuation center. In addition, rescue workers rescued from one of the flooded homes of three people — two adults and a child.
In early 2011, Queensland faced a wave of heavy rains, then the staff has undergone shock tropical storm "Yasi". All in the flood zone area was in excess of the square size of France and Germany combined. The scale of the economic losses of billions of dollars. As a result of rampant disaster, according to media reports, killed at least 35 people.

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