Necessary to protect the Internet from the send Kazachkov. The work on the image of the U.S. in RuNet

From month to month is mounting evidence that the bogus users' crushes under him "online forums and comment threads, wrote in his blog on the website of the newspaper The Guardian environmentalist George Monbiot.

This is the so-called "astroterfinge" — creating an artificial public opinion. "The anonymity of the Internet allows companies and governments to excellent opportunities for astroterfinga — false mass campaigns, creating the impression that a lot of people requires a certain policy or oppose it," — the author writes.

According to Monbiot, unnamed astroterfer told him how to implement the forums and defended the interests of corporations — the firm's clients. "Like other members of the team, he posed as a disinterested ordinary citizen. To be exact, for a crowd of disinterested ordinary citizens use 70 masks to avoid exposure and at the same time to create the impression that his arguments have been broadly supported, "- the author writes.

To drown out the voices of real people astroterfery use sophisticated methods, the author, referring to "e-mails, obtained by political hackers in the U.S. firm HBGary Federal, which is engaged in cyber security." Special programs — the so-called «persona management software» — «create the whole entourage, which is online at a real person: name, mailbox, websites, social networking accounts," — the author writes.

The fake account is maintained by automatically repost or posting links. If necessary astroterfer-man uses these "account with a history," as his own.

The most alarming news — the U.S. Air Force announced a tender for the supply persona management software, which can create "10 masks per user", provide astroterferov selected at random IP-addresses, and create a static IP-address for each masks to astroterfery could turn to act on her face.

Such programs have the potential to destroy the Internet as a forum for constructive debate, warns the author. Concerted action by the army of trolls have been operating in the comment to entailing serious commercial implications, the author concludes.


Information wars have been fought, leading and will lead, especially given the emergence of new opportunities for them. It would not have been stupid idea of war, many will never understand this and will not cease to be enemies. Why not move away from it all and do not start paying more attention to our younger brothers. Hamsters, for example, very entertaining creatures. Head of the pet can always be sure of getting a huge amount of positive emotions.

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