New York City declared a disaster

U.S. President Barack Obama on Friday signed a declaration of emergency in the state of New York, preparing to face the hurricane "Irene". Formal step Head of Administration will allow local authorities to get help from the federal government.
"The President has authorized the Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Federal Agency (FEMA) to coordinate all emergency efforts to help the people," — according to a White House statement. In addition, FEMA, according to the order of Obama, entitled "free to use all necessary to mitigate the effects of the emergency resources and equipment," ITAR-TASS.
A few hours ago, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced the forced evacuation of 250,000 people from the so-called Zone A — the lowland and coastal areas of the city — with the approach of Hurricane "Irene." The mayor said that the evacuation will begin on Saturday at 16:00 local time (00:00 Moscow time on Sunday), when will open a special shelter.
In connection with the approach of "Irene" at noon Saturday (20:00 Moscow time) will stop public transportation in New York. In addition, if the wind speed in a hurricane reaches 100 km / h, will be closed most of the bridges of the city.
According to the latest data collected by the monitoring of hurricane "Irene" is located about 400 miles from North Carolina. Wind speed at the center of the hurricane is about 160 miles per hour. Estimated meteorologists powerful cyclones bring gales and heavy rainfall on the entire east coast of the U.S., threatening 65 million people.


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