News of Ukraine: biometric passports and the sale of land to foreigners

The Verkhovna Rada adopted the whole law "On the Unified State Register of demographic," which provides for the introduction of biometric passports in Ukraine.

According to UKRINFORM, "for" vote 233 deputies.

According to the Law № 10 492, every citizen of Ukraine, regardless of age, is required to obtain a passport, made in form of a card that contains a contactless electronic media. A passport of citizen of Ukraine are all individuals from birth, regardless of age, for every ten years.

In the biometric passport records information about citizens included in the unified state register of population: name, date of birth and death, place of birth, sex, date of introduction of information about a person in the register; information about parents (adoptive parents), guardians, trustees and other representatives. It also records information on citizenship, his absence and to claim citizenship of the country, details of the documents issued by the party, information about the documents, confirming the death of the person or entity recognition dead or missing, and a digitized signature specimen and the image of a human face.

Unified state register of population will also include an additional variable information: the place of registration, marital status, refuse to accept the registration number of the registration card of the taxpayer, the issue of privatization papers, additional (optional) biometric data, parameters, data from departmental systems.

The law specifies that the United State population registry — an electronic information and telecommunications system designed to store, process and use information about the person. In addition, the law contains a provision under which the entry into the register is confidential, and its non-disclosure is guaranteed by the state.

Maya Zahovayko, Kiev. October 2, 2012 — "Ukrinform"

Kiev has opened access to the Ukrainian lands

Allowing foreign companies and citizens to buy non-agricultural land, the Verkhovna Rada took a significant step to attract investment in the industry, believes head of the Institute of World Economy and International Relations, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Sergey Tolstov.

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has extended the range of persons who can buy non-agricultural land, adding the local businesses in the authorized capital of which is foreign investment, as well as foreign companies, international governmental and non-governmental organizations.

2 October Parliament passed a law. Its purpose is to establish in law the possibility of acquiring the ownership of land from the lands of state and communal ownership of legal entities established under the laws of Ukraine and foreign states.

Currently, Ukraine is a moratorium on sale of agricultural land. Its action repeatedly prolonging the last time — until January 1, 2013.

Why Rada decided to lift the ban, "The Voice of Russia," said head of the Institute of World Economy and International Relations of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Sergey Tolstov.

— Why is this bill has caused so much controversy in the Ukraine and was received just now?

— The issue of selling land to foreigners has always been quite contentious in Ukraine. In the amendment, which was introduced on October 2, interested primarily foreign investors, who were told that if they have some kind of enterprises in Ukraine, you are interested in buying land for them, in order to ensure that their activities and be protected by the legislation of the various amendments.

This question appeared in the negotiations between Ukraine and the West, the United States and the European Union, and very badly put forward, in particular, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, which brings together the Western countries as a prerequisite for improving the investment climate.

The question appeared back in 2002-2004, when the Western entrepreneurs so requires, and said that it would facilitate the creation of enterprises in Ukraine. And now, finally, this subject is removed, but the truth, very late.

I do not see any prerequisites to prohibit the western or other investors who build or buy businesses or offices in the Ukraine, to resolve this issue once and not be bound by the non-payment of land tax and various rent payments.

With regard to agricultural land, in this case in the Ukrainian legislation the issue remains unresolved, because on the one hand, the moratorium on sale of agricultural land is valid under the law to January 1, 2013, on the other hand, Agriculture Minister Prysiazhniuk said that, most likely, the moratorium will last. At least as long as Parliament does not take all the necessary land legislation.

Sale of agricultural land to foreigners is quite sensitive topic and actively contested by the opposition, in particular the "Fatherland" and the Communist Party of Ukraine, which has been objected and demanded to continue the moratorium until 2014.

If nothing changes, it will mean that from 1 January 2013, Ukrainian enterprises can buy land, must begin to work the land market and the related mortgage market. True, legislative solutions that would bring these provisions from 1 January 2013, no. Therefore, the Government's position remains uncertain.

With regard to foreign companies and individuals, according to the current law, they can not buy agricultural land. Therefore, most likely, if the purchase will be made after the introduction of additional amendments to the relevant laws, they would have to somehow work with some Ukrainian enterprises.

However it is likely that the land market in 2013 will somehow activated.

— Will the Ukraine this investment?

— In theory, this would certainly be seen as improving the investment climate. In Ukraine, there are companies that are currently on the leased land, they will be able to resolve the issue of land ownership. It is possible that if some foreign investors will want to create a company in the Ukraine for the European market or markets of the CIS countries, they are also able to take advantage of these conditions.

As for the agricultural land market, the question remains suspended, because in order to start active legal sale and purchase of agricultural land, additional amendments to the laws. Necessary approval of the land cadastre and a number of other provisions, including the registration of ownership, control and recording of transactions, certain bank guarantees, as many will be looking for bank loans.

— Is there enough looking to purchase land in the country? You said that companies from the European Union and the United States. And many people from Russia want to buy land in the Ukraine?

— Agricultural land is considered to be sufficiently attractive asset, as in the case of access to water you can provide a cost-effective and profitable farming.

As for Russian investors, as far as I know, this issue has been one of the subjects of interest, together with the scientific and technical development, engineering assets and enterprises of the military-industrial complex and the gas transmission system, which figured in the bilateral negotiations.

There is a certain interest, especially in the large Russian banks, which could pretend to organize agricultural production in Ukraine.

As for Western businessmen from Germany and selected European agricultural companies had interest in the Ukraine to have large areas under development of monocultures.

Yevgeny Mayorov, "Voice of Russia"

Bonus: GM from non-GM no longer distinguish

At today's meeting, the government approved a bill that would allow producers to products that do not contain GMOs, do not specify this on the packaging. At a press conference, said the Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food Mykola Prysiazhniuk, reports RBC-Ukraine.

"Today, we have reviewed and approved the bill … which provides for new conditions and requirements for the labeling of food products that relate to the presence of genetically modified organisms. To date, that collapse that existed when it was necessary to mark the absence of GMOs in products, will be eliminated. That is bound to be information on the products that contain GMOs, and the responsibility for it will carry a manufacturer of food products, "- said Prisyazhnyuk.

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