Night — the communication with the invisible world

Day — The time of the night — the communication with the invisible world. Permanent, available means for that — a dream. Familiar to everyone, but still mysterious to scientists sleep, as convinced by the modern parapsychologists and magicians, people use to get the message of the invisible forces or responses to them facing important questions of life.

Life Safety Center

To disclose the mystery of dreams for centuries there were plump and contradictory downers. True, modern parapsychologists believe these books are useless and even harmful, because the common people have dreams do not happen. In addition, there are many dream books often casual, superficial, associated with the era in which they were written. For example, one of the most popular dream books, published in 1915, we find the following: to dream Bolshevik agitator — to have troubles in the near future, and to follow him in a dream — to lose the honor, to be cheated or unhappy. What can I say! For our country is truly a prophetic dream.

Dreams — not the movie, they are unique. The only thing that may be in common — they are characters, in other words, the images of things, people, body parts of the world, some of the actions and feelings. Their similarity common nature of all human beings. But they are often distorted and encrypted so that their analysis is not an easy task for psychoanalysts.

The best way to understand the meaning of their dreams — to explore and interpret on their own, building on the achievements of modern psychology, writes the British Magin Doris Valiente. Western psychologists and magicians come together in this regard, recommending the use of the method of free association. This means the following. Reflecting on the meaning of the symbols, or events in your dreams, you have to write down everything that will guide the mind, no matter how ridiculous they may seem, such associations. This method will give you just the tip of the thread, which would be long and hard to pull out of the invisible coil, to see what messages are sent to you from above, from the underworld, from the depths of the subconscious or elsewhere.

Since most of dreams forgotten very quickly, usually in the transition of man from sleep mode to awake, make it a habit to write them down. The best way — to get a notebook and keep it next to the bed in time to fix the content of the dream immediately after waking up. If you have the perseverance and accuracy, after a while you will be able to test whether the dreams predict the future. This will have to constantly compare them to actual current events.

"Scientists make discoveries in a dream: Dmitri Mendeleev dreamed periodic table of elements, Niels Bohr — the structure of the atom

What a force guides our dreams? Warns foretells explains. Great gurus lurking in the legendary Shambhala? Cosmic mind? God? The devil? ..

Alas, on this issue there is no single answer. Here's the first of them.

Man has five senses. They are constantly on the alert, process the information coming from the outside of the outside world. Anything that threatens life, falls under the special attention is placed on the control. We can assume that in the brain there is a security center (CB), which responds to alarms, prompts certain actions to save lives, and coordinates them, wrote a famous Russian hirolog V.Finogeev.

However, our five senses — not only gather information about the environment. Supplement to a system extrasensory perception (psychic), extending far into the invisible, inaudible, intangible world. Because it is outside of normal sensory perception, the information it receives from the Central Bank, bypassing the mind. If this is a danger signal, CB instantly stimulates consciousness for any emergency measures or uses speech center, and we hear "voices" commanded to do this or that.

Because of the psychic system bypasses the brain, the person and it seems that there is nothing supernatural. The brain does not receive this information and refuses to recognize, as it is contrary to the appearance of the five senses and logic. This information, so to speak, you try on a tooth, so ingrained materialist — our brains — it is doubtful. Where they come from — do not know how it happened — it is not clear which reflects — the invisible, inaudible, intangible world … It is extremely doubtful.

"The work of the Central Bank, according to Finogeeva, can manifest itself in three ways: the reflection of the life of the plan at a glance

Therefore, we need to know your life program, the forecast of the future, to avoid both small and fatal trouble, the approach of the Central Bank warns that one or all of three ways at once. To know in order to change the program of physiological development (to prevent illness and death) and prognosis of life (to get away from the unpleasant events in social and personal life).

Freud dreamed that?

Until now, all lined up neatly and fairly slim. But talking about the mystery of dreams, can not think of Sigmund Freud, paying much attention to their analysis. Unfortunately, his method of interpretation of dreams is very different from that described above. Scientists believe that in dreams symbols used to express almost exclusively sexual objects and relationships. And he did not just thought he set it on the basis of numerous observations of their patients, especially women. Those who enjoy deciphering dreams through dream interpretation, curiosity can compare them in writing with said Freud.

The human body, says Freud, is often portrayed as a house. Windows, doors, gates represent the inlets into the internal cavity of the body. The facade of smooth or balconies and ledges, so that you can grasp them, symbolizes the surface of male or female body. Note that the same symbols, brilliantly justifying foresight scientist found in our language: "the old wreck," we are talking about evil old man, "the attic is wrong" (or, as it is today, "went to the roof"), unless to think that someone is insane, etc.

Male genitalia in the dream represented several similar characters read Freud. First of all, it is the sacred number three. With a little thought to see why this is so difficult. Very often, the penis is replaced in dreams objects similar to it in form: umbrellas, trees, colas, to all long and sticking up. Next, items that provide the ability to penetrate into the body and cause injuries. This is all kinds edged weapons and firearms. Thus, in the nightmares of girls plays a big role pursuit of men, armed with knives or guns.

For obvious reasons, the male organ is replaced by the object, from which flows water: tap water, tea and fountain.

Female genital organs are represented in dreams with all items of similarities with them, — the limited space that can be filled with something. They are: mine, mines, caves, vessels, bottles, boxes, boxes, suitcases, boxes, pockets, etc. Among the genitals, Freud wrote, must be attributed also to the chest, which, like the buttocks, described with the fruit. Hair on the genitals of both sexes describe dreams by forest and bush. But even here there are differences. Female genital coded as part of the landscape with rocks, woods and water.

All kinds of stairs or climbing on it — the unmistakable symbol of sexual intercourse.
Ponder, says Freud, we must pay attention to the determination of movements during walking and during sexual intercourse as a common feature, as well as to the growing excitement and breathlessness on as you climb up.

The birth of the dream is always portrayed in connection with water: and fall in the water or out of water, which means — give birth or are born. We should not forget that this character is doubly justified reference to the facts of biology and embryology. The first fact is more remote times is that all mammals, including man, evolved from animals that lived in the water, the second — that every mammal that everyone spent the first period of its life in the water, it is in the amniotic fluid in the womb and was born, in fact, out of the water.

Of course, dreams are reflected not only the sexual sphere and its life, but also other important events of human life. So, say, dying is replaced departure, travel, train, etc.

Now, the methods of analyzing dreams. They will best be understood by example.
One young lady, wrote Freud, passing in a dream through the front of his house, to the blood breaks his head on the low hanging chandelier. No memories, nothing corresponding to the incident in real life. But after some time, scientists have found the key to that dream.

It turns out her hair fell heavily, and the day before the dream the woman was talking about it with his mother. The latter said that if things go well on, her head will soon become like the back of the body. So there is a replacement of one part of the body of another (head-butt). And as we know, the back refers to the sexual sphere. Now easily decrypted and chandelier — it symbolizes the penis. It, therefore, comes to bleeding from the lower body, which appeared due to the impact of the penis. With it all, women are often associated bleeding from genital organs.

Another story. One gentleman, who had spent the night with a woman who describes his partner as one of those natures who during sexual intercourse with a man there is a passionate desire to have children. But the terms of a love affair of these two require caution, and the narrator whenever interrupted sexual intercourse. Waking up in the morning, the woman told her he had a dream.

On the street it pursues an officer in a red cap. She runs away from him, goes up the stairs, and he goes after her. Panting heavily, it reaches his home and slams the door behind him. The officer remains on the outside at the time, when she looks at him in the door window, he sits on the other side of the door on a bench and cried.

In pursuit of an officer in a red cap, writes Freud, we find images of the sexual act. A woman moves, moves, suffocating. This co-coitus symptoms. At the same time in this history can be traced frequent turning real events into their opposite. Lady closes the door in front of the pursuer, when in reality the end of sexual intercourse man abstains. Similarly, it moved to its partner sadness, as he, not she, crying in his sleep. In fact, it is a hint of regret about unmet orgasm and desire to feel seminal emissions.

Man — himself a prophet

This is exactly what the proponents of dream interpretation method of free association. Give an example. One of the followers of Nicholas and Helena Roerich and Helena Blavatsky (Theosophy) — call it NS — told me a few dreams, warnings. In the first she climbed the steep spiral staircase with no railings. Stairs walked along the inner wall of a high tower. When NS climbed to the top, I saw on the roof instead of a clear sky, and under his feet dangling in the void stage. The dream was very vivid and literally imprinted in memory. Reflecting on the content, NS a long time to come to any definite conclusion, but then in a moment I realized the meaning of the puzzle.

Ladder — is a life of her career. But that's not it, and that it has no end and a handrail. "You walk the road leading to nowhere. On it you will not support "- read the NS characters sleep.

Another case is as anecdotal, but it has a profound meaning. In the dream, NS dreamed that she called the plumber to repair the faucet in the kitchen. The doorbell rings, and on the doorstep in a quilted jacket with a dilapidated suitcase in her hand, is Mikhail Gorbachev. The hostess was stunned, but then he was found and said hello. "Gorbachev" did not answer and walked silently into the kitchen. Confused NS began to work, offering tea and snacks. But again no response.

Strange plumber quickly did his job, washed his hands and just as silently away. After some deliberation, NS interpreted the dream as follows. Ex-president under the guise of plumbing — an important messenger. He brought the news — she is doing something wrong. That is why the Messenger did not say a word, refused food, washed his hands (thus indicating that he would not have anything to do with it), and left.

When a woman, think carefully about your life, rectify its mistakes, she had a second anecdotal story. This time the NS was Eduard Shevardnadze, however, in what was then his true guise — Minister of Foreign Affairs. He shook hands with the hostess and accepted a cup of tea, tasted the food. There was some talk, but its content is not remembered. From what NS concluded that he had important and necessary detail just play. The main thing in the dream — re-emergence of an important messenger and change its behavior. NS realized that it is easier and that is what she reported.

Following the methodology of the associative interpretation of dreams, I analyzed a large number of their own dreams. Here's an example. Suddenly I somehow abruptly cooled to what is alive, even passionately interested in recently. Externally, continued his activities, but inwardly felt that marking time. "Maybe it's just my imagination?" — I asked myself the question consolation. People generally develops in jumps, said one of my friends. And here was a dream, dot the «i». With his wife and some other strange woman (her face was instantly forgotten after waking up), I went to someone's apartment. Going into one of the rooms, I saw a table group. The fun was in full swing. We sat down, too, began to drink and a snack. And no one at the table have not been invited, and have accepted as their own. We started some small talk, during which I drew attention to the face. God, what vile, vicious faces around me!

Suddenly they shouted, ran along the wall the size of a half insect big apple. "Kill him! Bay "- screaming faces. Insect dropped on the floor, and I banged it out of nowhere the undertaken hammer. It was pounding so strong, like wood, it turned out.

When it was over with, the woman with the forgotten person stood up and said that we had to get out of here. And we left.

For a week I broke the head of the secret of the dream. The answer came, as always, unexpectedly and quickly. Check out what kind of people you're dealing with, told me. What do you do — you drink and eat. Maybe you and have big plans, but for them you are doing so little, in the end of thy soul, these things are not more important than the destruction of bedbugs. Even if these bugs are the size of an apple, and as strong as a nut. But you can, you have to get away from these people. You help a woman, but it will not be your wife. Maybe NS, I thought.

I want to warn you: be careful in the interpretation of dreams, the method of free association. Try to understand the hidden nature of your dreams. To explain what I want to tell you a long time, it is easier to show another example. My friend was lame from birth and go through life with a cane. It was only a dream he thought he travels on foot. It was a wonderful time — no limp, no "Kluki." He realized his dream as a frequent symbol of freedom, he acquires while sleeping. I came to a different conclusion, saying, as NS taught me: "Higher Power you repeat all the time that you go through life without support. That is the true meaning of walking without a cane. "

I was right at that time my friend did not believe in the supernatural. And he had a clear ability to magic and extrasensory perception. As soon as he believed it, discovered the invisible world described dream ceased to torment him.

How to interpret their own and other people's dreams? You choose …

Vladislav Fatyushin, magnetic medium

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