North Dakota is completely drowned

Emergency Services in North Dakota are struggling with the effects of flooding. Rains in the U.S. state persisted for several days, resulting in the Missouri River overflowed its banks and flooded dozens of villages. For those who wait too long to leave their homes, had to wait for help on rooftops. Rescue helicopters arrived at the scene several hours later. Information on deaths and injuries were reported.


On the eve of the representatives of the U.S. National Weather Service reported that about 12,000 residents of Minot — the fourth largest in North Dakota — were evacuated due to the threat of strong floods in decades. According to meteorologists, as a result of heavy rainfall on Monday, which runs through the city center river Suris can come out of its banks. According to Mayor Kurt Zimbelmana, "the level of water in the river can break the record of 1969 by about five feet, when in North Dakota experienced the most severe flooding."
Previously reported mass evacuation from the southwest United States. Then the most difficult situation in the states of Indiana and Tennessee under water were dozens of settlements, destroyed hundreds of homes, were killed and injured with injuries of varying severity, like ITAR-TASS.


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