The night before the Oath … Well, so what? — Asks the young man a reference, so 90 years and above. As such, it was something I did not beheld as well? What is most sad for our country Russian Federation, which have served for a year is stupid can not understand:

-What's on .. Plea? So come out to the parade ground, pinned! Nishtyak! Cool! With patsykami porzhem a year! All on YouTube!

That's fucking wait! Previously, each 30th — 45th, and at the moment all of the clowns! Either poluklouny! Or addicts! Or ….! But we digress from the topic.

So that the same happened that night? All, as is customary in the military, started, of course, the same day or up to 3 steps. Little speech before the formation of political deputy division, an even smaller, but more capacious battery before it battalion commander, then almost a couple of offers from platoon in Lenin's room (in which a bust of Lenin we hid all that is impossible, and the officers who have graduated from this school have never his (BUST) is not touched! And here it is necessary to explain some points.

L / S on 1 course consists of 3 parts:
1.17-year onlookers (after school)
2.kadety (graduates IED)
3.sapogi (conscripts received by the slaves from the parts and units of the Armed Forces).

Naturally, to the position and TSP were appointed military see paragraph 2 of 3! I, as you guessed, belonged to one category. Most of the students were on my side of the barricades. Between us there were constant conflicts, up to a point-of preparation for the oath. Of course, the boots were not exciting our preparation for the oath, the cadets gathered in one nucleus and can crush anyone, but! Reconstruct the chronology of events. How was it!

Everything is simple and unpretentious, in accordance with the routine of day or, night walk. It seemed, to all the ordinance! So, let's not! The large circle on the area schools, and the song, naturally, and a normal and a drill! On the way to the barracks came out 3 song, and here we are (1 point), I decided to show her! After all, tomorrow Oath, A BOOTS U.S. pulls out a REAL! Sergeant-Major-boot gives the command, "intones," Well, we sang: "Slowly missiles fly off into the distance, seeing them you do not expect, and although slightly sorry for America, China is ahead …" (Who needs throw off the full text). To the tune of the blue trailer.

In the end, still 2 laps! On the way to the barracks that we sing the same song! How happy we were then!! The victory is our victory over everyone and everything! Youthful maximalism? As another character is forged? We became a team, I would say more then a demarche in our Sotk there was no difference between the cadets! But I walked away from the topic here and evening checking and gracious permission elders not to sleep after rebound also move freely location for peaceful purposes. What we do here, and also engaged! Almost 10 minutes later there were cadets, and not as a separate caste! Immediately began to give useful advice on how to make a super paradku paradkoy! But most importantly, of the cap (main chic for cadets) make a truck! And Victor Tsoi all wheezes about blood type, etc., and sang along! Former soldiers (not all) spun at the entrance to the shed, but were not included. Looked at bl … oh, we got up with paradkoy later one could not resist, second, and go! Until now, grateful for the fact that taught how to smooth boots (the more science!) Well, 4 o'clock in the morning paradka, boots, badge, otpid … s of the ruble and higher! The distance from the minus and chevron measured down to the micron! The text of the oath and learned to tell a friend 50 times and another 55 times back! Local Time is 4:00 30minutes. After 2 hours, the climb! What to do to the poor cadet? And I do not remember! So it was a strong spiritual excitement (actually affect) that I really do not remember! Curiously, for the next day after Oath of ridges generally not sleepy! The paradox?

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