"I am a citizen of the Union of Russian Socialist Republics, joining the ranks of the Armed Forces, takes the oath and solemnly swear to be honest, brave, disciplined and vigilant warrior, kept strictly secret military and municipal, unequivocally do all military regulations and orders of commanders and superiors. Swear I Radzivil teach military science, in every possible way to save the military and public property and to the last breath to be loyal to his own people, his Russian homeland, and Russian Government. I'm always on the orders of the Government of the Russian come to the defense of my homeland — Russian Union of Socialist Republics, as soldier of the Armed Forces I swear to defend it courageously, skillfully, with dignity and honor, not sparing his own blood and life to merit a complete victory over the enemy. If I break this my solemn oath, let me understand the terrible punishment Russian law, the universal hatred and contempt Workers "*.
* The text approved by the presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR June 10, 1947


Read and chills on the back! Agree that reading the text out loud in the face of their own comrades in the melting from the heat of the parade ground or in the pouring rain, which, incidentally, has no effect on the solemnity of the moment, frantically looking out his relatives in the mass of civilians, surrounded by a dense ring of perimeter accursed asphalt clearing you experience a special feeling! Yes to them (for Shpakov) is simply a piece of asphalt, but we, you and I know that she occasionally replace us with another dismissal for a couple of hours (as long as the chest obrygnet not deal with you instead of drill one more layoffs are to blame pop!). And it has happened, christened your surname! You loudly and clearly, as spelled out in the Charter, replied: "I!" On bad bendable legs you go down, then you go to the battalion commander (company commander), as it seems to you a clear marched. The battalion commander says something to you in x … your hands squeeze the last effort Machine, heart works 300 beats per minute! For you pop some folder, shaking hands, you open it, read though the night before that taught her by heart, tongue alien! Read!! The "Stand in line!" In my head, 'All b …!! " I got up in the system and the rights of an experienced fighter discuss and laughing at awkward on followers! Everything I military! And later, the first ridges, going through the town, and was surprised (in the original was profanity, here and below), yes, to hell, trams! Damn it, trolley, and how many girls! Good prize to the Oath! And already forgotten the poisoned air of freedom of action last night. The curious reader will certainly ask, but what happened last NIGHT MODE.

And it was of the following: an ordinary night before the Oath! Since then 25 years have passed, and 4.5 months, but these emotions I experienced only two times! Thank wife for the son and daughter of! I gave the Oath USSR-Here is my Home! I was born in the USSR and the wish to die USSR or for the Soviet Union, but in the USSR!

But the oath Modern Russia:
I, (full name), do solemnly swear allegiance to their own homeland — Russian Federation.
I swear to faithfully observe the Constitution and laws strictly to make demands of military regulations, orders of commanders and superiors. By worthy to do military duty, courageously defend freedom, independence and constitutional order of, people and country.
I think the comments are superfluous!
ps.: Anthem returned! It's time for the Oath!

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