Observer: The Union of the Pope with the dictator

Nick Cohen in the UK "The Observer" criticizes the Vatican against the official Minsk. Below — a translation of the article.

Call history with the corruption of children by Catholic priests "scandal" would be too soft. However, no matter how short — "atrocity", "infamy" — we are not used, it is hard to doubt that the rape was said to feminist seventies — it is a problem of power. The power of seniors, allowing them to corrupt and raping minors, supplemented in this case, the power of the Vatican, which gives him the opportunity to defend the perpetrators from justice and to cover their crimes.

If the church really believed in his own doctrine, could would expect that the papacy will show a little remorse and seek vykuplennya. However, Pope Benedict XVI, who, when he was Cardinal Ratzinger, head of a parallel judicial system, where there was one law for the church and the other — for all others, shows that he is willing to forgive the sins, but not willing to learn from them.

It is no exaggeration to say that the dictatorship of Belarus Lukashenko rapes …

It is no exaggeration to say that the dictatorship of Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus rapes. After last month in Minsk took to the streets a lot of people who are not satisfied rigged elections, the secret police fiercely attacked the opposition. Hundreds the man wasand arrested or faced threats, seven of the nine opposition presidential candidates were imprisoned, and one — Vladimir Neklyaeva — beaten unconscious and dragged out of the hospital in which he took refuge.

Adopting the tactics of the communists, Lukashenko threatens to send their children to orphanages dissidents — is his personal form of child abuse. Once the authorities have tried to take a three-year Danil Sannikov, the son of opposition leader Andrei Sannikov, who is in jail, one of the local political analysts said that "using children, they can force their opponents to make a confession, to capitulate politically and act on public television speeches of guilt. "

As said, hugging the child, his grandmother "in Belarus returns a nightmarish Stalinist era. I can not believe this is really happening."

Naturally, those members of the Belarusian opposition, who are still at large, calling for foreigners to condemn the regime. This is their last trump. Russia provides for the economic survival of tyranny, because Putin needs of Belarus as a buffer state, and the suffering he is going through Belarusians more than China the suffering people of North Korea.

Russia provides for the economic survival of tyranny, because Putin needs of Belarus as a buffer state …

Europe — this is all that they can rely on. Although Baroness Ashton, the British politician, which in Britain itself is almost unheard of until the backroom reshuffle in Brussels failed to provide her a place of supreme representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs, is easy to criticize, I have to admit that it behaves decently. She met with the family of Sannikov and promised to do everything possible to secure the release of political prisoners. Her staff gave me to understand that she will try to the end of the month to convince European governments to impose visa bans for Lukashenko and his goons.

The opposition has in Europe and the enemies. Thus, the correspondent of the "New Statesman", which its time justified the mass murder that took place in the 1930s in the Soviet Union proved to be even more Stalinist than his Stalinist predecessors. To try to protect the dictatorship, he made a report on his visit to "one of the gems of the local industry — a giant Belarusian Autoworks … which employs 12,000 people and is one of the world's largest manufacturers of dump trucks." However, if we leave out the tyranalyubnyh leftists with their perennial deep respect for the norms of production trucks, the main problem of dissidents — it is still not the hostility of Europe, and its indifference.

Therefore, the opposition leaders did not have extra hope, when asked about the meeting with the papal nuncio in Belarus Archbishop Martin Vidovic (Martin Vidovic). They wanted to send him a letter to the Pope, in which he said: "Today, Belarus is immersed in the darkness. Arrests of activists, pogroms editions of independent newspapers and websites, searches for apartments. Authorities blackmailing prisoners of their young children, remain at large. We want to appeal to you for help. " Nuncio refused to meet with them. He later relented, but Ratzinger did not protested against the suppression and promised not to break off diplomatic relations with the lawlessness of the state.

The Vatican, which claims to be a good power, silent, because he wants to conclude a concordat with the state in which there is still the KGB, and the streets are statues of Lenin — just as in the 1930s, he sought a compromise with Nazi Germany.

It expects to receive the papacy, it is difficult to understand, since the conditions of concordats usually kept secret. However, we can assume that it wants the same thing and always — public money and control over education of children. What will Lukashenko, it is easier to understand.

It would be a mistake to assume that dictators do not need to worry about public opinion. At a minimum, they strive to provide the silent obedience of subjects and demoralize opponents. Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Bertone (Tarcisio Bertone) in exchange for a deal with Rome helped Lukashenko and grateful to the first and the second.

In Belarus, home to many Catholics, the Pope and calmly helped the dictator to gain legitimacy in their eyes …

The cardinal said the Belarusian ridiculous praise "freedom of religion" and called the sanctions against the regime unacceptable. In Belarus, home to many Catholics and the Pope, so calmly helped the dictator to gain legitimacy in their eyes. However, he does not limit political speech, Lukashenko invited to an audience at the Vatican.

Last year I spoke with Natalia Kolyada, founder of the Belarusian "Free Theatre", which serves as a center of intellectual dissent and opposition to Lukashenko. Then she literally glowed with hope that life in their country can change for the better. I called her last week, but this is so energetic before the woman was too upset to talk.

In London, the "Free Theatre" video showing the brilliant absurdist play "Numbers". On a surreal scene unfolding action, while on the screen behind the actors projected statistics illustrating the scope of prostitution, poverty and disease in Belarus. At the end of the screen is filled with famous names — Marc Chagall, Isaac Asimov, Kirk Douglas … Names of famous people born in Belarus or in families of immigrants from that country.

At first I was surprised, but then I realized that the actors wanted it to say. They demonstrated that Belarus — part of the Western world and that we must fight for it. The desire of the Pope, the last absolute ruler of Europe, make deals with Lukashenko, Europe's last dictator, shows that this struggle we must wage and on the home front.

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