Officials want to take the power of the family, who moved from the city to a remote village, three sons and a daughter

In Danilov's Yaroslavl region is nearing the final battle between the local authorities and family living far away from civilization in an abandoned village Ladeyki. Four childrenMichael and Julia Shaidenkostudy at home, reading the classics, playing the piano, studying history in depth Klyuchevsky, work the land, but do not go to school and learn the general curriculum. With this approach to child-rearing does not agree Danilovsky district administration, which is already two months of trying to deprive the hermits of parental rights through the courts.

43-year-old Michael and his 41-year-old wife moved to Ladeyki from Yaroslavl in 2007. Prior to that, she worked for a while Julia in a kindergarten, and then sat with the children. Michael was a leading expert information department Mosgorvodokanala. Tired of the bustling metropolis, and of the distances, the couple decided to go to a village to raise a family in harmony with nature and family.

Eldest daughter Vasilisanow 16 years old. At school, she attended only two years.13-year-old Boris, 10-year-old Vladimir and 7-year-old Timothyhave never not sit at desks. Township government, heard three years ago that in their area live in retreat the whole family, and the children are not registered at the hospital and not in school, do not give them rest. Shaidenko wife, his four children to instill certain principles and concepts, rather than in secondary schools, can not understand that officials are expected of them and how they harm their children, who are brought up with love and care. In turn, officials believe that by ignoring the school, the family of hermits violates the Russian Constitution of universal compulsory education. Shaidenko not think so. The correspondent of "SP" contacted the head of the family.

— We — not a hermit! Asceticism — a conscious lifestyle. We just live far away from all civilization and conduct subsistence farming. So whom do we this way? — Can not understand the claims of officials Mikhail.

"SP": — What brings your family has brought in a wilderness? As I explained in the local administration, once you are interested in the topic of eco — villages.

— About 10 years ago I was interested in this topic. Eco-Village — this is an alternative way of being, not a religious or political organization. It is above all world, a new ecological world view, new values, is creativity, creativity, movement for beauty. We proceed from the fact that the earth around us nature and life are not the result of chance. All living things on earth, from simple grass to man, is a harmonious whole. It is ideally conceived system that has existed for millions of years, and last for the same amount, and ensuring human rights.

"SP": — So, you are committed to this vision?

— Well, no. We just come here to live, raise children and enjoy life. We've always had a dream — to live away from the city noise, railways and highways, closer to nature, and that the land was not sandy. Neighbors to live in us not being so close and not too far, and were good. And the dreams are coming true. We were able to find the owners of the four abandoned houses on the river bank Uhra. One of them we make. Others have already bought. Officially registered as resident in the village administration. And even before the move, I warned that going to live here with my family and children. And then we bought goats and sheep. Eat that grow themselves. Flour, cereals, butter I buy on the wholesale market bags with money raised from the sale of meat. And the neighbors really suck good …

"SP": — and the lack of light in the house, too, was your dream?

— Here is the list of our wishes this was not. And when we got here, no people, no electricity was gone. Transformer someone stole, and looped wire. So Ladeyki and were de-energized. Cell phone, I go to charge to the neighbors, and in the evenings when it gets dark, we light instead of lighting candles. Their light to our eyes softer and sweeter.

"SP": — Why would your family — so much attention?

— The so-called relationship with the local authorities have started in September 2008. Their main claim — that our children are not taught in school, and have never been in the hospital. But then according to the law on education, I do not have to be made aware administration that teach children at home, with our family, and according to the law on Health Insurance in the Russian Federation, have each child in your arms is medical insurance policy. And if we do not go to hospital, it means that we do not have this need. The fact that the children did not go to the hospital, so they have good health. If we will not, under policies that we will in any hospital.

"SP": — First, as you know, the Commission on Minors going to court you restrict parental rights, and now they have completely void?

— Such a claim, I think, have submitted to the court on us after we went to the local, regional and the General Prosecutor's Office, as well as to the administration of the president to understand the basis on which the local authorities interfere in our family life and do not allow us to raise children as we see fit. This is our conscious choice with the kids! If children want to go to school, we would not be hindered. But they themselves said at the hearings that we parents do not violate any rights. The older children did not support the statements of claim, and the youngest just said that anywhere from us will not go.

"SP": — officials offer you a compromise or categorically pose a dilemma: either the school or the children are removed?

— They offered me a contract with the school, but I just told them that I have the right to educate their children at home, for no good contracts. That's when we will prepare the children for the exams, and then take as a basis a single federal standard by which children will pass the required exams. A contract with the school will lead to all sorts of guidelines. They have their own methods of school, and teachers can understand. But everyone is free to choose the form of education, which is closer to their children. At school, the child is the main desire to estimate. And this is, I think, to stress the immature organism. We experienced this on their own experience and the experience of our seniors, who are now 19 and 17 years old (I Shaidenko have two more children, they live at home — ed.). In children, we must first develop a desire to learn, process knowledge, and be able to analyze. We learn all this and in our family. We read, for example, "The Captain's Daughter" by Pushkin family and argue analyze. And I think children are family reading helps to understand myself and in human relationships.

Local officials are well aware that this family does not fall under the category of disadvantaged: children happy, and they enjoy their life with their parents in this neglected corner of one with nature. At the same time, they believe that parents abuse their rights, forcing his stance to children. As explained by the correspondent of "SP"executive secretary of the commission for minors and their rights Danilovsky district of the Yaroslavl region Irina Bliznyakova, Shaidenko children cut off from society, and the Commission must at least for a time, to isolate them from the parents to figure out on their own whether all four will have chosen this way of life.

"SP": — You were talking to this child? And how are they to talk?

— They are quite talkative. Told us that go to the library, read books, know how to write. But our request to read or write something we did not do. Would not. They told us that they like this life. Our question: what are they going to do in the future, said, "We want to live, to revive the abandoned villages, plant trees, clean the river and restore the dying agriculture." They said that not alone, that communicate with the neighborhood children, and that a visit to them come their counterparts with whom they talk about the books they read.

"SP": — Do not you think that if these children are already used to this life, and it suits them, the separation from their parents, as you insist on this, it may be for them not that stress and strong drama?

— So even at the head of the family is no compromise! He would not want to enter into a contract with the school. Well I do not want kids to go to school, we do not mind — let the deal at home, but perform the program in which today are trained all Russian schoolchildren. They need to get modern education in the general education program, and not the one that they give parents. Yes, there are many options! But parents insist. It's us and alarming. Contractual relationships are imperative and the need for certification, so we can check levels of education and to ensure that children are moved from class to class. That they, in the end, received certificates.

How confident the officials meeting in the Danilov District Court, scheduled for October 28, will be the last. And will end in their favor.

Now before the guardianship was a question whether to remove children from the family at the time of the lawsuit. The decision to transfer to the social rehabilitation center and will take the court at the last, according to officials, meeting. Family Shaidenko preparing his defense, believing that the court would be on the spirit and the letter of the law and hope that the officials will be more sensible. A daughter and three sons, Michael and Julia directly reported to the authorities that the parents do not go anywhere.


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