Oil Refinery: We sit like back to square one

Mozyr refinery switched to the minimum load of oil processing plants. This is due to the lack of hydrocarbons to complete the work of the enterprise.

Narrates the working refineries:

"The information will be tomorrow, what will happen to oil — or she will generally be. We know that someone went out of the plant's management to negotiate in Moscow about the oil. This director told us last week. Due to the New Year holidays there negotiations were allegedly slowly, and now we go to these talks. said that the plant is now processed 16,000 tons of oil — this is the minimum load. This is in order to possible extend more on the oil stocks that are on the plant. "

Serious problems with loading capacity of Belarusian oil refineries in Mozyr and Novopolotsk started last year, when Russia announced the introduction of 100-percent duty on oil supplies to Belarus — except for the part that goes to the internal needs of the Belarusian consumers. In response, the Belarusian authorities have reduced the import of hydrocarbons from Russia.

According to some sources of information agencies, last year in January-November Belarus bought from Russia 11.6 million tons of oil, or 41 percent less than the same period in the previous year.

At the same time Belarus imported 1.6 million tons of oil from Venezuela at an average price of 639 dollars per tonne — up to 218 dollars more expensive than the could available in Russia even with the imposition of duties.

Venezuelan oil is processed mainly in Mozyr.

However, "oil aid" from the ocean is still not solved the problem of a full load of Belarusian oil refineries. Reduced oil refining and decreased by 34.3 percent and exports of Belarusian oil products abroad.

Despite the agreement of the official Minsk transfer duty on crude oil and petroleum products in the Russian budget, promised bestamozhennoe Russian oil This year, the Mozyr refinery has not yet been reported.

One of the experts refinery in Mozyr comments on the situation:

"That sounded before the New Year by managers at various levels over the beautiful signing the supply of oil, in fact turned out to just talk.'s Been almost 20 days of the new year, but nothing concrete we can not see here. Sit, as the broken trough, waiting goldfish us something to throw. Technical reserves of oil, which is, for this week yet enough. And then — all that will be a problem. "

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