Oilers want to sue for half a million rubles pensioner who told about environmental disaster in Siberia

Company "Transsibneft" trying to sue for half a million rubles pensioner who told the truth about the horrific oil spill in the pipeline in the village Moshkovo Novosibirsk region. Oilers lost its claim to the former employee, 61-year-old Nikolai Kuznetsov, a "loss of goodwill" in the capital of the region, and have filed an appeal to the Court of Arbitration in Tomsk. The hearings are scheduled for February 22.

Vigorous campaign to protect Kuznetsova, who for more than two years of efforts to protect the environment at the expense of "Transsibneft" repeatedly subjected to threats of physical violence and other pressures, and was recently fired from his job, is the leader of the NGO "Young Socialists of Russia," Dmitry Gudkov , the son of a State Duma deputy from the "Just Russia" Gennady Gudkov. About what is happening, he wrote in his blog "Live Journal".

The point is this. In April 2008, the main oil pipeline from Irkutsk to Omsk accident, which resulted in the territory Moszkowski district of Novosibirsk region, the river Balta and a cascade of ponds spilled over 2 thousand tons of crude oil. The management of JSC "Transsibneft" did everything to hide the true extent of an emergency. No known Rostekhnadzor or MES or to other departments, the hole in the pipe simply plugged clutch, in fact require much more serious work.

As a result, due to leaking valves closed in December of the same year there was a new accident and a major leak, although officially reported only 30 tons of spilled oil.

Thanks Gudkov and bloggers story received wide publicity. A video that is visible from the ground gushing oil spill and its consequences, in the fall of last year became the leader of YouTube, by typing in a few days, 1.3 million views.

For its part, Nikolai Kuznetsov recorded two video message to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, linked also has a blog Gudkov. In them, he spoke in detail about the accident and the threat environment. The second appeal dated January 22 of this year, a former oil man in it is concerned with the onset of spring floods, when a huge amount of oil will result in the surrounding waters.

According to Gudkov, the most recent environmental impact assessment in the village Novoaleksandrovka found that the content of harmful substances in the local waters exceeds the norm by 7-10 times. Hazardous to health components found in the soil and in the pits, where the locals take drinking water.

According to a study of the Novosibirsk City Committee of Environment and Natural Resources, the concentration of oil in the old river channel Balta exceeded its more than 100 times.

According to Kuznetsov, in his address constantly receiving threats. The unknown is disfigured his car — smashed windshield, slashed tires and car izrisovali swastikas and planted to the mailbox dead rat. However, the fighter for the environment does not step back, saying that the company commits an offense by refusing to eliminate the consequences of the accident.

Meanwhile, the "Transsibneft" claim that Kuznetsov, worked as head of production and logistics, and equipment of the company and receive high salaries, tries his performances to distract attention from their own misdeeds.

As told "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Head of Public Relations and Media "Transsibneft" Natalia Gordeeva, even before Kuznetsov was an ardent defender of the environment, he was charged with forgery and shortage on travel expenses. In addition, the company believes that he took to his dacha some equipment belonging to it, and now just "protected by the attack."

Be that as it may, Dmitry Gudkov is collecting signatures on a petition to the Prosecutor General of Russia to "verify the legitimacy of the actions of JSC" Transneft "and its subsidiary JSC" Transsibneft "and in the case of violations to the response."

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