Old shoes and magic rituals

Mutual love, a harmonious marriage, life without sudden blows of fate and you will ensure a long illness … old shoes and performing ancient magic rituals.

Thoughts on love

• If you want to know what you think of your beloved, you must thread the needle and, eyes closed, to stand in his shoes, and always bare feet. At first, before your eyes will be "blank screen", and then go a string of pictures, images, my head will start to flash different thoughts. Memorize them, try to understand. Not all, of course, it turns out, but only for those who are keen, or at sufficiently sensitive persons. And what woman would not sensitive, not eager to be loved?

Someone will say: that stupid to believe! And it will be wrong. This "silly superstition" is a completely rational explanation. The palms and soles are the most powerful man cast his field of energy in which the "written" thoughts and feelings, hopes and plans. And Wearing this information is because the soles of our sweat. So it turns out hidden thoughts in my head, and through the open legs. That's what magic …

• To position the young man to himself, to scrape a little skin on the inside of his shoe. Sprinkle crumbs in a bag or a bag and carry around. Again, all of these actions are understandable. Tiny pieces of skin kept the imprint of his bio, and, most importantly, for a long time, they keep in touch with its owner. Carrying them with you, you connect it with its own field. Thus it has to adjust the frequency of your aura.

• With the same purpose (to locate the young man to himself) to put his shoes:

"- Feathers from his pillow
"- Strings of his night shirt (plucked from the inside)
"- Lock of his hair burnt temple
"- Under the spot on the ground where his shoes were buried burnt lace with read over it a love plot, or prayer of being together with loved ones (or just put a shoe lace)
— rubbed on the soles of bacon.

A good wedding

When the matchmaker to set off the bride's parents, threw her in the back bast shoe, so much so that he got into it. It was thought then to be wooing wisely. It seems also quite a silly idea, but imagine the situation on the eve of matchmaking. Noise, noise, bustle, nerves. And the matchmaker responsible business, which she earned a living. Fail once, twice — crying her reputation, and then by money. Stop calling. So, of course, she was going through at that time is not less than the bride and groom and their parents. And so, that thought is not lost, gathered, was in uniform — bast her back! But these days, when all is done according to the ancient rite, you can do a simple clap on the shoulder — the effect is the same.

Coming out of the church after the wedding ceremony the bride and groom were thrown at his feet sandals old father and mother to live together as parents. And if you married a widower, the bast shoes began to stock six months before the wedding. And when he had a new wife appeared on the steps of the temple, it bombarded by these bast shoes for as long as the young are not undertaken on the outskirts of the village. People believed that without this rite of young happy future life will be.

My home — my castle

Wanting to protect the house from the evil eye, and any damage to the blows of fate, sandals hanging on the front porch, and — in many — on poles around the vegetable garden. Porch decorated with bast shoes to the surface, is deemed to be the evil eye, was in the shoes, and only then, when the whole force of the evil eye will go to them, would appeal to the owners. Bast were "on the ground" is not collapsed, and puts a new worn constantly. In another embodiment, the closer to our age, the old shoes were put on the sides of the porch, put on a board fence. The main thing is for it to foreign eyes "caught." If you believe in the customs and traditions of antiquity, looking to experience its effectiveness, it is done as it is said, at his dacha. And in a city apartment is not removed before the arrival of guests shoes from the hallway — it will serve as a lightning rod in the case of the evil eye and spoilage.

Vlad Ilyin, master of white magic

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