Olga Neklyaeva received the first letter from her husband

January 17th wife of the political prisoner, former presidential candidate, poet Vladimir Neklyaeva Olga received the first letter from her husband. Lawyers again came to his client. A channel ONT cut fragments of synhronam Neklyaeva a documentary about Vladimir Mulyavin.

Letter from Neklyaeva dated January 12. Letters, Mr. Nekljaev wrote earlier, Olga did not come down. Although the lawyer Tamara Sidorenko, who met with his client yet December 29, saying that the letter he wrote and sent before the New Year 7 letters to his wife.

The contents of the letter says Olga Neklyaeva:

"I'm fine …" What else could he say? He we never complains about anything. Well here than personal, that he wrote to me, wrote about the transfer. He wrote about the boiler and nail scissors, which I have long since passed, two weeks ago. But it turns out that they are, he never received. He asks fat and dried fruit. And these products are prohibited from December 31 to pass in the KGB detention center. turns out that they were not informed that you can not pass. A they all ask … More think that we regret …

He asks for bacon and dried fruit. And these products are prohibited from December 31 to pass in the KGB detention center. It turns out that they were not informed.

More alarmed by the phrase: "I have promised that the transfer will take from you." What does that have promised? Our I regularly transfer. This phrase leads me to think that maybe they do not all get what we give. "

One page from the general journal. Written, as opposed to poetry, where it is difficult to make out the handwriting is very legible and carefully, said Olga.

But lawyers for Nyaklyaeu again not allowed. Tamara Sidorenko saw his client during the interrogation on 29 December.

Olga Neklyaeva written complaint of the KGB, the Ministry of Justice, the Minsk City Prosecutor's Office and the Minsk City Court demanding to ensure that the right to protection eynamu husband.

And in the television film "Bitter happiness of the poet," which was shown on the ONT January 12 to the 70th anniversary of Vladimir Mulyavin, censorship cut out three pieces of Vladimir Nyaklyaeu. It is absolutely harmless, one of the ideologists of the Communist Party, who thought that let young people better listen "Pesniary" than "The Beatles", the second of patrabavalnasts Mulyavin, and the third — the love of the Belarusian language:

"I once said to him:" Look, Mul, you can, and he does not know, but have you done for whiteRussian language that Gogol to Ukrainian. Here is the color of the language, its scent Gogol brought to Russia, and here Mulyavin … "



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