Olga Neklyaeva received the first letter from Vladimir Neklyaeva

January 17th wife of the political prisoner, former presidential candidate, the poet Vladimir Neklyaeva Olga received the first letter from her husband. The letter is dated January 12. Letters, Mr. Nekljaev wrote earlier, Olga did not come down. Although a lawyer who met with his client yet December 29, saying that the letter he wrote and sent before the New Year 7 sheets.

In addition to some personal moments, as told Olga, he asks the boiler and nail scissors, which she has passed on to her husband two weeks ago. Her alarmed by the phrase: "I have promised that the transfer will take from you." From Olga concludes that not all the programs reach. Besides Nekljaev asks Olga gave him bacon and dried fruits. And these products are prohibited from 31 December transmitted in KGB jail. It turns out that the prisoners had not been informed about innovations. Olga was joking, saying, think that she regrets …

One page from the general journal. Written, in contrast to the verses very clearly and thoroughly.

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